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Girl Pulls Sword From Excalibur's Fabled Resting Place

Her dad says it's 'probably an old film prop'

(Newser) - Legend has it that King Arthur ordered a faithful servant to throw his sword , Excalibur, into a lake after he was mortally wounded in battle. A British 7-year-old has just pulled a sword from that very spot. While on holiday in Cornwall on Aug. 29, Matilda Jones asked her dad... More »

Starting Friday, Texans Can Carry Their Swords in the Open

But not everywhere, per new 'location-restricted' law on long blades

(Newser) - A new open-carry law goes into effect in Texas on Friday—but it has nothing to do with firearms. The San Angelo Standard-Times reports on the throwing knives, spears, daggers, swords, and other blades longer than 5.5 inches that will now be permitted in many places, thanks to a... More »

Medieval Knight's Sword Found in Bog

If engraving can be found, it might identify the knight

(Newser) - The medieval sword, at just over three pounds, wouldn't have weighed down its owner. But the bog where it was found might have. That's what researchers are saying after a remarkably well-preserved sword from the 14th century was found in a bog in Poland. A worker was using... More »

Hiker Finds 1.2K-Year-Old Viking Sword

And it's in surprisingly good condition

(Newser) - Goran Olsen was enjoying a leisurely hike recently in Norway when he stopped near the fishing village of Haukeli, about 150 miles west of Oslo. Under some rocks along a well-traversed path, he made a discovery that's now the envy of every detectorist in Scandinavia: a 30-inch wrought-iron Viking... More »

Teacher, Boy Killed in Sword Attack on School

Attacker is in hospital after he was shot by police

(Newser) - A teacher and a student were killed and another student and teacher were seriously injured in a sword attack at a school in the Swedish town of Trollhattan on Thursday, before the assailant was shot by police and taken to a hospital. Police say a masked man in his 20s... More »

Medieval Mystery Sword Inscription Baffles Experts

The 13th century River Witham sword bears a long message

(Newser) - World, can you help us decipher a medieval sword inscription? That sums up the British Library's announcement about a blade discovered in an English river in 1825, LiveScience reports. The so-called River Witham sword—a 13th-century object now on display at the library—bears a message along its 38-inch... More »

Man's Kitchen Knife Really an Ancient 'Dragon Sword'

Yi Shouxiang could have a pricey piece of metal on his hands

(Newser) - A farmer in China has been innocently chopping his vegetables with what could turn out to be an ancient and valuable sword. Yi Shouxiang of Chongqing says he found a rusty blade while working in his fields five years ago and decided to sharpen it. He soon noticed the Chinese... More »

Cops: Red Power Ranger Killed Roommate

Ricardo Medina allegedly stabbed man with sword

(Newser) - A former Power Ranger has been booked on a murder charge after allegedly killing his roommate with a sword, police in Los Angeles County say. Ricardo Medina, who played the Red Power Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force, allegedly got in a fight with roommate Joshua Sutter, retreated to his... More »

Guy Pulls Out Sword After Fight Over Sexuality

Heated argument between Cleveland pals ramps up when one whips out 2-footer

(Newser) - They could've kept it a simple guys' night watching the Cavaliers game on TV and playing dominoes together. But two Cleveland men became embroiled Wednesday in a more pointed activity after one of the men, a 48-year-old who's called "Cowboy," decided to accuse his 44-year-old pal... More »

Expert: Mystery Sword Was Ivan the Terrible's

Russian archaeologist says it fell during a historic battle

(Newser) - A medieval mystery sword found nearly 40 years ago in Siberia belonged to the notorious Ivan the Terrible, if a rather colorful theory can be believed. Scholars have long wondered how the 12th-century blade—which looks central European by design and was later adorned with Norse runes and a silver... More »

Naked Guy With a Sword Subdued After Threats

The man allegedly charged at people while screaming

(Newser) - Here's something you don't see every day: a man screaming at people in a parking lot and waving a 3-foot-long sword … while naked. The incident took place at an apartment complex in Atlantic Beach, Fla., Saturday; one witness tells WAWS the man charged at passersby. Luckily, a... More »

Guy Wields Sword, Demands Free Tacos

Adam Kramer charged with aggravated robbery, among other things

(Newser) - Adam Kramer apparently loves his tacos. He ordered six of them at a San Antonio restaurant last week, but when told how much money he owed, he refused to pay and insisted he be given the food for free, police say. The waitress wasn't going for it, so the... More »

Police Arrest Naked, Sword-Wielding Man

There was a standoff as guy brandished sword at cops

(Newser) - San Jose police certainly started off the new year with a bang. They were alerted this morning that a man was outside a home with an assault rifle; he left before they arrived. When they pulled him over, he got out of the car naked ... and wielding a large Samurai... More »

Outside Malaysia PM's Office, a Samurai Sword Rampage

Man, woman run amok, attack cars

(Newser) - Two suspected cult members were shot, one fatally, after running amok with samurai swords outside the office of Malaysia's prime minister. Police say the man and woman took a policeman hostage to get past a security checkpoint and then went on the rampage in a parking lot, attacking vehicles... More »

Man Attacks Women With Sword and ... Sandwich

Mark Christopher Miller allegedly smeared lady with peanut butter

(Newser) - Two Florida women were likely scared when Mark Christopher Miller rushed them with a 4-foot sword, but maybe not quite as terrified by his second weapon: a peanut butter sandwich. The 50-year-old man is accused of poking one of the women, who is six months pregnant, with the sword after... More »

Darth Vader Swordsman Dead at 89

Bob Anderson was Hollywood's ultimate sword fighter

(Newser) - Bob Anderson was so influential in the world of movie swordsmanship that any list of Hollywood's top 10 sword fights is likely to feature at least five examples of his work. Anderson, who has died at the age of 89, was an Olympian fencer for Britain before beginning a... More »

Father Attacked 'Lazy' Son With Sword: Police

Men were in fight over skipped chores

(Newser) - An argument over chores got way out of hand yesterday in California: Antonio Gutierrez, 43, is accused of pulling a sword on his 18-year-old son after an argument with the teen about being lazy around the house. Gutierrez was arrested after allegedly attacking his son, John, whose hand was cut... More »

Archeologists Think They Have Blackbeard's Sword

Or at least part of it, from North Carolina shipwreck

(Newser) - Cool find from archeologists poking around Blackbeard's sunken ship off the coast of North Carolina: They've found a gilded hilt that may have belonged to the bad man himself, reports Time . There's no way to know for sure, of course, but it's ornamental and probably of French design, seemingly well-suited... More »

Police Seize Sword-Wielding Teen Who Took 20 Tots Hostage

Boy is 'unstable,' French cops report

(Newser) - French police stormed a pre-school today and apprehended a sword-wielding 17-year-old who’d taken several small children and their teacher hostage. The teen, armed with a sword in each hand, had initially taken 20 children hostage, but released 13 of them throughout the morning. A fourteenth “more or less... More »

Actor Thought Mom Was Possessed by Satan

Michael Brea accused of killing her with sword

(Newser) - Michael Brea, the bit actor who allegedly killed his mother with a 3-foot sword , thought she had been possessed by the devil, police say. Yannick Brea, 55, was found kneeling inside her New York apartment bathroom with multiple gashes to her head, as her son clutched a Bible and a... More »

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