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Germany to Launch Afghanistan Offensive

Move will appease allies, but be unpopular at home

(Newser) - The German military intends to launch a major offensive against Taliban strongholds in northern Afghanistan, in part to appease NATO allies that have criticized the country for being too passive, the Wall Street Journal reports. But the move could spark a political backlash back in Germany, where the unpopular war... More »

German Officer May Have Misled US Fighters in Civilian Disaster

Gave false info to pilots in Afghan tanker strike

(Newser) - Just before 2am on Sept. 4, German Col. Georg Klein gave a two-word command—"Weapons release!"—and US fighter jets bombed a pair of tanker trucks in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 100 Afghans clustered around them, many of them civilians. Although his tour has ended, the officer is... More »

German Flick Quietly Reclaims the Red Baron as War Hero

Breaks taboo against positive portrayal

(Newser) - Films extolling German war heroes aren’t exactly abundant, but upcoming movie The Red Baron shines the spotlight on the noble, softer side of Germany’s most famous fighter pilot. “There are strong voices in Germany still saying we're not allowed to do this,” says the writer/director. “... More »

German Soldiers Too Fat: Study

'Compared to the British, we're viewed as pathetic,' soldier complains

(Newser) - The German army is fat. It’s also unfit, smokes too much, and eats badly, according to a recent parliamentary update, the Guardian reports. About 40% of German soldiers are overweight—8.5% seriously so—and 70% smoke. “This has much to do with poor equipment and lack of... More »

4 Stories