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'World's Lightest Beer' More Like Bud-Flavored Water

Drinkers underwhelmed by ultra-light Bud 55

(Newser) - Budweiser has launched what it says is the world's lightest beer just in time to reach Super Bowl fans worried about their beer guts. But Joshua Bernstein deems Bud 55 a loser. At 55 calories and 2.4% alcohol by volume, the brew has half the calories of Bud Light... More »

What Your Beer Says About You

(Newser) - People tend to be picky about beer, so "psychographic" research firm Mindset Media conducted surveys to match brands to personality trends. Here's what researchers found, according to Ad Age :
  • Budweiser: Sensible and practical drinkers, but with an anti-authoritarian streak.
  • Bud Light: Unlike regular Budweiser fans, these imbibers are risk-takers,
... More »

At Aussie Auto Race, Fans Allowed Just 24 Beers a Day

Limit jumps to 36 light brews for 4-day Bathurst 1,000

(Newser) - Fans headed to a four-day event that’s a highlight of the Australian auto-racing calendar will only be allowed one case of beer per day—or 36 cans if it’s light beer. “Wine lovers have not escaped the heavy hand of the law either,” the Guardian notes... More »

Ikea's Names Enrage Danes

Danish monikers on Swedish outfit's doormats, floor runners wound pride

(Newser) - Danes are hopping mad about a discovery that Swedish furniture giant Ikea uses Danish place names for its doormats and floor coverings, while reserving Swedish and Norwegian monikers for higher-end items, Der Spiegel reports. Some Danish academics argue that this reinforces Sweden’s perception of Denmark as a “doormat”... More »

4 Stories