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Swiss Arrest WikiLeaks Banker

Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer accused of breaking secrecy laws

(Newser) - From one legal mess to another: The Swiss last night arrested an ex-banker who appears to have broken the country's strict banking secrecy laws in spectacular fashion. Rudolf Elmer—who handed Julian Assange details on 2,000 holders of offshore accounts this week—is being detained while authorities investigate the... More »

Ex-Banker Gives WikiLeaks Offshore Bank Account Data

Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer aims to 'educate about offshore abuses'

(Newser) - A Swiss ex-banker gave WikiLeaks data today on some 2,000 individuals with offshore bank accounts, handing the data to Julian Assange himself at a London news conference. "He is clearly a bona fide whistleblower," the WikiLeaks founder said. "We have some kind of duty to support... More »

Swiss Bank Drops Wikileaks Lawsuit

Case of posted documents raised free-speech issues

(Newser) - The Swiss bank that sued over private documents posted on has withdrawn the motion, the AP reports. Bank Julius Baer did not say why it pulled the case, but the cease-fire brings an end to a case that raised First Amendment questions when a judge ordered the site... More »

3 Stories