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Songs Savaged by Pop Culture

Commercials, YouTube and 'iconic' movie scenes make old faves unlistenable

(Newser) - Some songs simply can't survive the ravages of pop culture. Scott Bennett on College Humor, runs down some tunes he can no longer listen to:
  • "O, Fortuna:" Jackass turned this "orchestral masterpiece" from Carl Orff into something that went from evoking "the struggle of mankind" to
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Hottest Digital Music Sites

Wired listens up so you don't have to

(Newser) - The Wired Listening Post blog names its favorite digital music websites based on how they benefit music fans, as well as their impact on the industry.
  1. Imeem: for music embedding
  2. IVideoSongs: for guitar lessons
  3. Omnifone: unlimited access on the go
  4. Mog: for music blogs
  5. Muxtape: create MP3 mix "tapes"
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Lil Wayne Gives Milk for Free, Still Sells Cow

The rapper turned to the Internet to change the game

(Newser) - It made record execs cringe, but Lil Wayne's three-year mixtape giveaway sealed his megastar status, reports Rolling Stone. After his last album underperformed, Wayne built an underground following with four free double-albums released on the Internet. The risky move launched Wayne's new single "Lollipop" to Number One on Billboard's... More »

NIN Nails the Recording Industry

Trent Reznor's self-released album cements new business model

(Newser) - The early success of Nine Inch Nails' experiment on the Internet may mean that Armageddon is one step closer for the recording industry, writes Tony Sclafani for MSNBC. The industrial rock powerhouse released a new album on its website Sunday without a label's support, and the response has been both... More »

4 Stories