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Clinton's Delegate Math Goes From Fuzzy to Demeaning

Equating Fla., Mich. struggle to democratic, feminist, civil-rights causes mocks them all

(Newser) - Attempts by Hillary Clinton supporters to link the push to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations with fights for suffrage and other freedoms the world over is "an equation that makes a mockery of democracy and feminism,” Harold Meyerson writes in the Washington Post—particularly since Clinton herself... More »

Obama to Fans: Don't Protest Rules Meeting

Campaign stays with unity message on Mich./Fla. decision

(Newser) - Barack Obama is urging supporters not to demonstrate at Saturday’s meeting of the Democrats' rules committee, hoping to keep the event from becoming a cable-news circus, the Hill reports. Clinton supporters have pledged to gather outside the meeting, where party bigs will decide whether, and how many Florida and... More »

Clinton Ready to Take It to Convention

Defiant candidate emphasizes the importance of Florida's vote

(Newser) - A defiant Hillary Clinton signaled yesterday that she might take the nomination fight all the way to the convention, the New York Times reports, again emphasizing the importance of seating Florida and Michigan delegates in a swing through the Sunshine State. Those delegates still wouldn't erase Barack Obama's lead, but... More »

Michigan Settles on Delegate Plan

Clinton would get 69, Obama 59 in new compromise

(Newser) - The Michigan Democratic Party agreed yesterday to a plan to split its delegates to the August convention: The state wants to award 69 to Hillary Clinton and 59 to Barack Obama, who did not appear on the ballot in the primary, which was voided because it broke party rules. Michigan... More »

Michigan Rep. Floats New Plan to Seat Delegates

Count would be based partly on Jan. primary, partly on national popular vote

(Newser) - A new plan from a Michigan congressman would apportion about half the state's Democratic delegates based on its outlaw January primary and the other half according to national popular-vote tallies, the AP reports. “The last thing we want to do as Democrats," Bart Stupak wrote to Democratic Party... More »

Florida Dems Nix Primary Do-Over

State tells party to find solution; Michigan mulls June re-vote

(Newser) - Florida Democrats reacted to weeks of political wrangling today by ditching plans for a mail-in revote, the Miami Herald reports. "Thousands of people responded," Florida Democratic Party chair Karen Thurman wrote. "The consensus is clear: Florida doesn’t want to vote again. So we won’t."... More »

Bigwigs Wrangle Over Fla., Michigan

Campaigns, states, party try to resolve barred delegates mess

(Newser) - Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's race to capture every pledged delegate has revived a contentious issue: what to do with the disqualified delegates from Michigan and Florida. Both campaigns, state leaders, and party elders all agree that something must be done. But the party is at an impasse over how... More »

7 Stories