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The 10 Riskiest Web Searches

Hackers target popular search terms

(Newser) - Internet hackers are like pickpockets: They target crowds, and the best place to find them on the web is through search engines, ABC News reports, so thieves tie malware programs to popular word searches. After analyzing more than 2,600 terms, security firm McAfee found these to be the 10... More »

Service Cuts Make AOL Even More Useless

Blogging, page-hosting features latest to go as parent Time Warner looks for answers

(Newser) - AOL is cutting two more of its website’s offerings, a blog creator and a data hosting service, Peter Kafka notes on Silicon Alley Insider. Users of AOL Journals, which hosts blogs, will be migrated to an equivalent host. Users of AOL Hometown, which mainly store photos—and, Kafka sniffs,... More »

Ditch the Assistant, Organize Online

Newest sites provide collaborative, mobile organizers

(Newser) - Paper is so last century. PC World has tracked down websites—like one that puts phone dictations on Google Calendar—that best support your OCD ... or totally forgetful ... nature:
  1. Remember the Milk is one intense task manager: It even lets others—say, your boss—add items to your "honey-do"
... More »

MLB.TV a Flop on Season's First Days

Technical issues plague pay service, fans outraged

(Newser) - A Major League Baseball Internet service intended to provide high-quality game broadcasts has been dogged by technical issues over the first two days of the season, provoking the ire of fans unable to view games they paid for, PC World reports. MLB.TV did not even have its new Mosaic... More »

Microsoft CEO Takes Aim at Google

Ballmer says Google's Internet-ad dominance won't last

(Newser) - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did an animated, sometimes antic, on-stage interview yesterday at Mix, Microsoft’s annual conference for web developers, emphasizing that he has every intention of taking some of Google's advertising business and using Yahoo to do it, the Seattle Times reports. "Advertising on the Internet is... More »

Amazon 'S3' Server Offline for Hours

Friday outage leaves businesses in the dark with customers

(Newser) - Part of Amazon.com’s 2-year-old Simple Storage Service went down for several hours Friday, leaving some customers in the dark and unable to access their own files, reports PC World. The pay-as-you-go “S3” service is used by companies to run websites and warehouse large amounts of data. The... More »

Microsoft Debuts Free Web Services

'Windows Live' suite to integrate e-mail, photo, blogging and IM with Vista

(Newser) - Microsoft took its latest stab at marrying Windows and the web yesterday, debuting “Windows Live,” a new take on web applications that aims to complement Microsoft’s bread-and-butter Windows and Office offerings, rather than competing with them as other web services strive to. The company plans to heavily... More »

Senate Would Extend Web Tax Ban 7 Years

Will have to reconcile with House bill setting exemption at 4 years

(Newser) - The Senate passed a bill yesterday to extend a ban on Internet access taxes for 7 years; it will have to be reconciled with a House bill—which has a 4-year lifespan—and signed into law by next Thursday to beat the current law’s expiration date. The bill was... More »

Cable, Telcos Killing US Web Success Says Pundit

Sees broadband providers' Luddite attitudes stifling growth, innovation

(Newser) - Comcast’s recent disabling of big file uploads could lay waste to Silicon Valley’s media complex, says SiliconValleyWatcher’s Tom Foremski, injuring or killing Web 2.0 companies like YouTube or Facebook. Comcast's insistence that it isn’t contractually obligated to provide those companies’ services, he argues, is the... More »

Amazon Guarantees Server Rentals

Internet giant's hosting business will offer 99.9% server uptime

(Newser) - Amazon.com has upgraded its rent-a-server service to a professional standard, guaranteeing 99.9% server up-time with compensation for excess downtime. "People thought for a while (Web Services) was just an experiment for Amazon,” said one IT manager, but with the new guarantee, “people are taking it... More »

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