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Computer Sales See Worst Drop Ever

Laptop, desktop shipments drop 14% in Q1 versus year earlier

(Newser) - Looks like Windows 8 is doing little to reboot the market when it comes to laptops and desktops. Global shipments of the machines plummeted 14% in Q1 compared to the year prior, analysts at IDC say, marking the largest drop since its tracking began in 1994. The figures have been... More »

Intel Losses Dull Luster of Gadget Show

Revenue slump looms over Consumer Electronic Show

(Newser) - Intel's prediction today of abysmal holiday losses has cast a shadow over the year's flashiest gadget show, which starts tomorrow, writes Brooke Crothers of CNET. Fourth-quarter revenue is expected to be down 23% from 2007 and 20% from the third quarter. Intel is the world's biggest chip maker, and the... More »

Downturn Derails Dell's Turnaround

Cost-cutting kills off plans for flashy new product lines

(Newser) - Shifting consumer demand and the sagging economy spell trouble for Dell's turnaround strategy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Founder Michael Dell had been making progress since returning to the company last year with a two-pronged rescue plan, but weak sales mean his goals of cutting costs at the low end... More »

Dell to Sell Factories as It Retools Strategy

PC maker will shed infrastructure in effort to stay competitive

(Newser) - Dell is looking to sell off its computer factories, the Wall Street Journal reports, drastically altering a business model that was once the envy of the industry. Journal sources say the aim is to sell most, if not all, of the plants in the next 18 months; most likely buyers... More »

PC Makers Aim Overseas

US remains biggest market as demand in other skyrockets

(Newser) - PC makers are increasingly setting their sights on markets outside the US, which are making up an ever-larger share of the worldwide computer market, USA Today reports. PC sales are growing in the US, still the world’s largest market, but are rising much faster elsewhere. Last year, the US... More »

5 Stories