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6 Stars Who've Served in the Military

Including some who may surprise you

(Newser) - Veterans Day is coming up on Wednesday, and in a nod to it, Parade lists 13 celebrities who've served in the military. Here are 6 standouts, along with some details from about their service:
  1. Chuck Norris: Air Force, 1958-1962. The champion martial artist was first exposed to
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'Dangerous Game of Brinkmanship Being Played'

Report finds 40 incidents between Russia, West recorded in past 8 months

(Newser) - Russian and NATO armed forces have been testing each other's air might since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. But in the past eight months alone, as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine mounted, 40 dangerous or sensitive incidents have been reported—a jump that puts engagement at Cold... More »

Gates: Don't End DADT Abruptly

This is a job for Congress, not the courts, he says

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Robert Gates says an abrupt end to 'Dont' Ask, Don't Tell' could have "enormous consequences" for American troops. He didn't answer directly when asked by the Washington Post whether the government should appeal a worldwide injunction stopping enforcement of the policy, but said that the Pentagon should... More »

Petraeus Sorry for Razzing Air Force

Central Command head apologizes after 'outrageous' joke

(Newser) - The head of US Central Command has apologized to the Air Force after making a joke at the service's expense, the Air Force Times reports. A rep for the Air Force chief of staff said the apology was accepted. David Petraeus, an Army general who commands US operations in Iraq... More »

Brown Upbraids UK Public for Taunting Troops

PM irked that some personnel advised not to wear uniform off base

(Newser) - After reports that officers in Britain's Royal Air Force advised members against wearing uniforms in public, Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged troops to show their colors, the Telegraph reports—and chastised citizens for the verbal abuse that prompted the guidelines. Brown said troops should “have the respect and gratitude... More »

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