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Dem Governor: ObamaCare Tempts Firms to Dump Plans

Tennessee's Bredesen foresees exodus to federally-subsidized insurance

(Newser) - If you crunch the numbers, President Obama’s health care plan is a great incentive for employers to stop providing coverage and put their workers in the hands of government-subsidized plans, meaning “much greater cost” for the US, writes Democratic Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen in the Wall Street Journal... More »

Immigration Suit Worries Dem Governors

White House suit adds to re-election woes

(Newser) - Already feeling vulnerable in this fall's elections, Democratic governors are especially nervous about the hit they'll take from the Obama administration's suit against the Arizona immigration law. A closed-door session at this weekend's meeting of all the nation's governors in Boston revealed tension between the White House and many Dem... More »

Southeast Flood Toll Hits 27

Deluged Tennessee calls for federal help

(Newser) - The death toll from storms that lashed the Southeast over the weekend has now hit 27, and lawmakers in Tennessee warn that the cleanup bill will be in the billions. Much of Nashville remains flooded and authorities fear that the still-rising Cumberland River will swamp the city's only working water... More »

Democrat Governor May Reject Stimulus Funds

Bredesen of Tenn. joins GOP critics

(Newser) - A Democrat has joined the ranks of GOP governors who may turn down stimulus funds. Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee says the state may reject $143 million for unemployed workers because it won't be able to afford the long-term budget repercussions, reports the Tennessean. Six other governors, all of them... More »

Can Howard Dean Keep the Dems Together?

Bruising Clinton- Obama race tests low-key party chairman

(Newser) - Since his crash-and-burn run for president four years ago, Howard Dean has served as a decidedly low-key Democratic Party chairman, slowly building up state organizations while staying out of the limelight. Yet as the Clinton-Obama race wears on, many are wondering if Dean has the political acumen—or even the... More »

Superdelegates Should Hold Superprimary: Tenn. Gov.

Superdelegate says Democratic party needs to settle nomination soon

(Newser) - Democrats should hold a superdelegate superprimary to settle the race before the summer, says Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen. “You’re going to spend this whole summer—and lots of money and time and effort—trying to convince people that whoever isn’t eventually nominated, isn’t electable,” says... More »

Memphis Kids Survived Horrific Attack

Family says some victims tortured during assault that killed six

(Newser) - Details emerging from the killing of four adults and two children in Memphis reveal a brutal attack during which the victims—including at least two of the three children who survived—were tortured, the Commercial Appeal reports. Police have uncovered no suspects or motive, and the governor has raised the... More »

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