faking your own death

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Newton-John's Dead Ex Alive in Mexico

Speculation reigns he faked it to escape debt

(Newser) - Olivia Newton-John’s former lover has been presumed dead since going missing on a 2005 fishing trip—but he may have faked it due to rising debts, the Daily Mail reports. Private investigators claim to have found Patrick McDermott working in a small Mexican fishing town, and a fax sent... More »

Death Hoax Pilot Captured After Apparent Suicide Try

Accused swindler found in Florida campground with wrist slit

(Newser) - A businessman believed to have faked his own death by jumping out of a plane has been captured in Florida, the Northwest Florida Daily News reports. Law enforcement sources say Marcus Schrenker was found at a campground, alive but with his wrists slit. The fugitive had emailed a friend Monday... More »

Broker Tried to Fake Plane Death: Cops

Pilot facing fraud charges abandoned plane in mid-air

(Newser) - An Indiana businessman being investigated for fraud apparently tried to fake his death in a plane crash, the Indianapolis Star reports. Authorities believe businessman Mark Schrenker, an accomplished stunt pilot, faked a distress call from the small plane he was piloting saying that the windshield had imploded and he was... More »

Man Kills Stranger, Fakes Own Death

Suspect commits suicide as cops close in; wife under scrutiny

(Newser) - A Chicago-area construction boss trying to work a life-insurance scam killed another man, used the body to fake his own death, then killed himself as police converged, the Chicago Tribune reports. Authorities are now looking at whether the killer and his wife, who had email contact after his “death,... More »

4 Stories