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'Complicated Tone' Behind Trump, Modi Meeting

'Elephant in the room' between US, India: immigration and H-1B visa program

(Newser) - President Trump meets Indian PM Narendra Modi for the first time on Monday, and the world is watching the two politicians with striking similarities. MSNBC notes the "elephant in the room" is immigration, specifically regarding the H-1B visa program that allows Indian IT experts to make their way to... More »

Trump to Toughen Up 'Buy American' Rules

Executive order will shake up hiring, procurement policies

(Newser) - President Trump is planning to deliver on a key campaign promise Tuesday with an executive order tightening up "Buy American" and "Hire American" rules, White House officials say. A senior official told reporters Monday that the Buy American part of the order, which Trump plans to sign at... More »

Did Melania Break Immigration Laws in Her Modeling Days?

Politico investigation raises questions that could cause her legal grief

(Newser) - The New York Post has been going to town publishing not-safe-for-work photos of Melania Trump from her early modeling days, but it's the timeline behind those images that's now raising more eyebrows. Politico backtracks through Trump's progression from Slovenian visitor to US citizen, noting dates that place... More »

University of Northern NJ Is Fake—and a Gov't Trap

Homeland Security busts 21 in visa fraud sting

(Newser) - The University of Northern New Jersey looked like any other school: It had a website, a Facebook page, and a crest. Unlike other colleges, however, it was staffed entirely by Homeland Security agents. The Department of Justice announced this week it had indicted 21 people for visa fraud in a... More »

Trump on Visa Program He Uses: 'Very, Very Bad for Workers'

But 'I'm a businessman, and I have to do what I have to do'

(Newser) - Donald Trump admitted a business program he takes advantage of is "very, very bad for workers" and "shouldn't be allowed" during Thursday's Republican debate in Florida, the Hill reports. According to CNN , Trump's modeling agency uses the H-1B visa program. It's a program that... More »

Lawsuit: Disney Illegally Replaced Tech Workers With Foreigners

First-of-its-kind legal action slams outsourcing firms

(Newser) - Disney and two outsourcing companies abused immigration law by colluding to bring in foreign workers to replace Americans, according to lawsuits from two tech workers. Leo Perrero and Dena Moore say that before they were laid off with around 250 other people in 2014, they had to train lower-priced replacements... More »

US to Hand Out Biggest Immigration Fine Ever

Infosys used visitor visas instead of work visas

(Newser) - The federal government is expected to slap a record $35 million immigration fine on Infosys tomorrow, after Homeland Security and State Department investigators found that the Indian outsourcing company had been sneaking workers into the country on cheap visitor visas (B-1), instead of more expensive and harder to get temporary... More »

Obama to Woman: Send Me Jobless Husband's Resume

Also defends drone use in Google+ chat

(Newser) - President Obama sat down for an extended "interview" in a Google+ Hangout yesterday, and at one point, things got a little personal, Politico reports. When a woman confronted him over H-1B visas for skilled immigrants, saying that her husband, a semiconductor engineer, couldn't find a job, Obama turned... More »

US Needs More Visas, Gates Tells Congress

America's status as tech leader is in jeopardy, he says

(Newser) - Bill Gates exhorted Congress today to increase the number of available H-1B visas for highly skilled foreigners, and invest more in domestic education in science and technology, cNet reports. "It makes no sense to educate people in our universities, often subsidized by US taxpayers, and then insist they return... More »

US May Move to Restrict H-1B Visa 'Cheaters'

Demand for skilled labor will fuel another application rush

(Newser) - The US is expecting a record number of applications for H-1B visas—given to highly skilled, specialized foreign workers—and is considering rules to penalize companies that try to improve their chances, ComputerWorld reports. Desperate firms have been known to send more than one application—123, 480 were received last... More »

Indians Pray to the 'Visa God'

Priest uses deity to hook believers hoping to work in the West

(Newser) - Every week, 100,000 worshipers converge on a temple in Hyderabad, India, that honors a local incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. But the faithful aren’t praying for good health or fortune: They seek visas to the US and other Western countries, and the deity they’re praying to... More »

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