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Democratic Reformer Wins Emanuel's House Seat

Quigley cruises to victory in Illinois' 5th district

(Newser) - Mike Quigley has cruised to victory in the special election for Rahm Emanuel's old seat in Congress, the Chicago Tribune reports. The reform-minded Democrat had 70% of the vote in Illinois' 5th congressional district, a heavily Democratic area on Chicago's north side, with 94% of precincts reporting. Quigley plans to... More »

Reformer Wins Rahm Primary

Without cash or unions, Quigley triumphs in crowded race

(Newser) - An Illinois official who ran on a message of reform won yesterday's Democratic primary to fill Rahm Emanuel's vacant seat in Congress, reports the Chicago Tribune. Mike Quigley, commissioner of Cook County, took 22% of the vote in a crowded field despite lacking both campaign cash and union support. "... More »

Illinois Awash in Philandering Drunks: Blago

Deposed guv rails against 'holier than thou' lawmakers

(Newser) - The lawmakers who deposed Rod Blagojevich are “holier than thou” hypocrites, the ex-guv declared on a radio show this morning, saying that Springfield is full of anonymous lawmakers who drink too much and cheat on their wives. “This is how the system in Springfield works,” he said.... More »

Blago Crisis Grinds Illinois Gov't to a Halt

Scandal pushes 'dysfunctional state' into 'total paralysis'

(Newser) - The Rod Blagojevich crisis hasn’t just tarnished the Illinois governor’s reputation—it’s frozen the whole state government, the Chicago Tribune reports. Social programs aren’t getting funding, health care and education changes are on the shelf, and Blagojevich himself is isolated and mistrusted. "Absolutely, we're in... More »

Dem Physicist Nails House Seat in Ill. GOP Stronghold

Foster wins Hastert's spot in special election

(Newser) - Little-known Democratic physicist Bill Foster beat Illinois Republican Jim Oberweis yesterday in a special election to fill Dennis Hastert's vacated seat in Congress. The Democrat's victory in the GOP suburban stronghold west of Chicago may herald more trouble for Republicans during fall elections, writes the Chicago Tribune. "Voters are... More »

5 Stories