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AG Nominee Forced to 'Sit in Back of the Bus': Senator

Dick Durbin compares Loretta Lynch to Rosa Parks in delayed confirmation

(Newser) - Loretta Lynch is on the Senate back burner, waiting for confirmation as the new attorney general since her November nomination—first due to stalling over the president's immigration order, now over a human-trafficking bill, notes the Washington Post —and Sen. Dick Durbin isn't happy with the delay.... More »

Autopsy of Hanged Teen Offers Few Answers

Lennon Lacy's family insists he didn't kill himself

(Newser) - Lennon Lacy's autopsy report is out, but it does little to quell the sinister mystery surrounding the North Carolina teen's death. Lennon, 17, died from suffocation as a result of hanging, it says, adding that the dark abrasion circling his neck and the buckle mark under his ear... More »

Trayvon Martin Case Spurs Chicago 'Hate Crime'

Teen beat white because of anger over case: cops

(Newser) - A black teenager in suburban Chicago told police that he beat up a white youth during a robbery because he was angry about the Trayvon Martin case, according to the state attorney's office. Alton Hayes, 18, has been charged with a hate crime, as well as aggravated battery and... More »

Nivea Sorry for Ad Urging Black Guy to 'Re-Civilize'

Parent company says ad inappropriate, offensive

(Newser) - Hey African-American men, does your afro make you feel ... like a savage? Because Nivea for Men seems to be betting that it does. The company is under fire for a new ad bearing the slogan “Re-Civilize Yourself” over an image of a black man holding the head of his... More »

Court: Call to Shoot Obama Is Free Speech

Court clears Walter Bagdasarian for exhorting people to 'shoot the [racial slur]'

(Newser) - The First Amendment protects even racists calling for the president’s assassination, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today, overturning the conviction of Walter Bagdasarian. Bagdasarian was convicted of threatening to kill a presidential candidate two weeks ahead of the 2008 election for an online rant in which he... More »

Zuma Scrambles to Defuse Racial Tensions

S. Africa leader warns against violence after killing

(Newser) - South African President Jacob Zuma appealed for calm yesterday as growing racial tensions in South Africa sparked fears of violence in the wake of the killing of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche. Zuma called the murder a "terrible deed" and urged South Africans not to fall prey to "agent... More »

Wal-Mart Announcement Tells 'All Blacks' to Leave

Company apologizes for 'appalling' incident

(Newser) - A New Jersey Wal-Mart is checking security footage to find out who used the PA system to order "all black people" to leave the Washington Township store. Over a dozen black customers were in the store when a male voice said: "Attention Wal-Mart customers, all black people must... More »

James O'Keefe Has History of 'Racial Resentment'

New photo puts him at white nationalists forum in 2006

(Newser) - Now that James O'Keefe is a fixture in the news and his past is coming under increased scrutiny, Max Blumenthal wonders why his supporters aren't bothered by a background of stunts "shot through with racial resentment." His piece in Salon picks up on a report by the anti-racism... More »

Threat to Kill Blacks Rattles Ohio College

Black students leave college after scrawled massacre threat found

(Newser) - A technical college in southern Ohio is on high alert after a threat to kill black students on Feb. 2 was found scrawled on a bathroom wall. Hocking College has stepped up security and offered to relocate students too scared to stay in the dorm where the threat was found.... More »

Prof. Gates, Cop Crowley Have Another Round

Pair at center of racial incident spotted at Cambridge bar

(Newser) - The black college professor and the white cop at the center of a racial firestorm this summer, and who later famously had beers on the White House, were spotted last night having a round at a bar in Cambridge, Mass. Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley chatted over suds... More »

GOP 'Riding a Wave of Racism'

Racially charged attacks on Obama show scourge of racism is still with us

(Newser) - Racism is alive and well in today's America and the Republican Party is feeding off it, Bob Herbert writes in the New York Times. Nobody should need Jimmy Carter—who wasn't above pandering to racists himself in his 1976 presidential campaign—to point out the racist undertones behind many of... More »

Obama Backlash Isn't About Race

The real, centuries-old conflict is between urban elites and small towners

(Newser) - It's a mistake to see the growing backlash against President Obama through the prism of race, David Brooks writes in the New York Times. The anti-Obama movement springs not from racism, but from the long American tradition of popular distrust of the urban elite, argues Brooks. He notes mostly white... More »

Drudge's Play of Bus Beating Draws Critics

(Newser) - A fight on a school bus in Illinois is generating lots of attention across the country. A videotape of the incident shows black teens beating a white classmate while some onlookers cheer, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Police are investigating but have backed off an initial statement that the attack... More »

'Racial Anxiety' Fuels Town Hall Protesters

(Newser) - The mob-like scenes at recent town halls are "something new and ugly," writes Paul Krugman, who notes that 2005's protests against Social Security privatization never saw baying crowds and congressmen hanged in effigy. The New York Times columnist is unconvinced that the mobs are in the pay... More »

Gates' Real Offense? 'Speaking Truth to Power'

(Newser) - So much for our post-racial society, writes Carol Rose in the Boston Globe. If we needed any evidence that "racism is alive and well," look no further than the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. The Harvard professor was charged with disorderly conduct not because police mistook him... More »

'Jena 6' Defendants Walk With No Jail Time

(Newser) - Five black students accused of beating a white classmate in Louisiana pleaded no contest to misdemeanor civil battery today, ending a trial that triggered a huge civil rights demonstration, the Alexandria Town Talk reports. Critics said that the so-called "Jena Six," originally charged with attempted murder, were... More »

'Wise Latina' Reference a Favorite of Sotomayor's

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor’s now-infamous “wise Latina woman” statement wasn’t an isolated incident, CQ Politics reports. The phrase crops up multiple times in speeches  delivered from 1994 to 2003 and released yesterday ahead of the Supreme Court nominee's Senate confirmation hearings. Some speeches contain the same line exactly; others... More »

What They'll Say to Fight Sotomayor

Critics call nominee racially insensitive, lacking intellect

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor’s opponents are already polishing their script, Politico reports. They’ll call her radical, racist, and stupid—albeit via softer buzzwords. She’s a “judicial activist” fond of “identity politics,” with a questionable “intellect.” Here are the charges against her:
  • She lacks “
... More »

Racial Tolerance Can Spread Quickly, Too, Studies Say

Studies show flip side of 'Bradley Effect' fears

(Newser) - In this election, some feared that racial biases could affect the outcome—but tolerance between groups can grow as quickly as distrust, new studies suggest. Researchers have used interviews and competitions to quickly forge close relationships between people of different ethnic backgrounds, and those newfound friendships can ease the subjects’... More »

What Obama Means for My Son

One father's journey through a racially-charged election

(Newser) - Barack Obama looks poised to win the presidency, and that would mean a lot for Gary Younge’s infant son. Younge wasn’t always sure it would, the Brooklyn resident writes in the Guardian. "It wasn't that I didn't understand the symbolic importance of his bid. I just did... More »

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