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Canadian Mayor: US Is Turning Away Pot-Smokers at Border

Saskatchewan mayor describes a 'couple of cases,' fears there will be more

(Newser) - And it's happening. Less than two weeks after the legalization of recreational marijuana across Canada brought news that US border officials would bar pot-smoking Canucks from heading south, the first Canadians have been turned away, reports the CBC . "It is a fairly serious concern," says Mayor Roy... More »

Her Pleasant Beach Jog Turns Into 2-Week Nightmare

Cedella Roman, 19, mistakenly crosses into US from Canada and is detained

(Newser) - The border between the US and Canada is the longest in the world, and it's not always well marked, points out the Bellingham Herald in Washington state. For proof, just ask 19-year-old Cedella Roman, who went out for a jog on the beach in British Columbia, inadvertently crossed into... More »

She Was Trying to Make It to Canada, Died a Half-Mile Away

Body of 57-year-old woman found near Manitoba border

(Newser) - Authorities say a woman trying to reach Canada was found dead in northwestern Minnesota. Kittson County Chief Deputy Matt Vig tells WDAZ-TV that the woman, 57-year-old Mavis Otuteye, is believed to be a citizen of Ghana. Her body was found Friday in a field a half-mile from the Manitoba border... More »

Australian Man Jailed 90 Minutes After Visa Expired

Baxter Reid had been turned away at Canadian border

(Newser) - The family of an Australian man says he's been jailed in the US because he got delayed at the Canadian border and missed a visa deadline by a measly 90 minutes or so. Baxter Reid was legally in the US on a five-year visa that stipulated he leave the... More »

After Skirmish, US Agent Kills Man at Canadian Border

Agent shot man in head after pepper spray attack: officials

(Newser) - A US border agent fatally shot a man in the head yesterday afternoon during an apparent confrontation at a border crossing in Sumas, Wash. An officer reported shots fired about 1,000 feet from the US-Canada border around 2:45pm local time, the Bellingham Herald reports. US Customs and Border... More »

Now Patrolling the Mexico Border: Drones

Predators have monitored nearly half of border since 2013

(Newser) - Predator drones guard nearly half the US-Mexico border where camera towers, ground sensors, agents, and fences are absent. Able to patrol remote areas like mountains and canyons, the drones capture high-resolution footage of an area every three days, the AP reports in an exclusive. Analysts then check the videos using... More »

Border Official Points Gun... at Boy Scout: Troop Leader

Another scout gets threatened with 10 years in prison

(Newser) - A couple weeks ago, a US border patrol official held a gun to the head of ... a Boy Scout. A troop leader explains what happened now that the scouts and adult volunteers from Mid-Iowa Scout Troop 111 have returned from their 23-day trip: Ten days into the trip, their four... More »

Man Shoots Guard, Kills Self at Canadian Border

Shooter was trying to enter Canada from Washington

(Newser) - A man in a vehicle with Washington state plates shot and critically injured a female Canadian border officer in her booth yesterday and killed himself immediately afterward. The Peace Arch crossing between Washington and British Columbia, the third-busiest US-Canada crossing, was closed for the rest of the day, the AP... More »

Mystery Rumble From Detroit Infuriates Canadians

'Windsor-hum' causing cross-border ruckus

(Newser) - Something strange and noisy is happening on Michigan's Zug Island, complain Canadians in Windsor, on the other side of the Detroit River. The "Windsor hum"—described as a low-pitched rumble—has been annoying residents of the border city for two years. Canadian scientists say they have pinpointed... More »

Feds: Your iPad Won't Get You Across the Border

... Despite claims of Canadian driver

(Newser) - Note to US-Canadian travelers: Bring the passport, skip the iPad. A Canadian man who forgot his actual passport says he showed a scanned copy of it to a border agent on his iPad and was allowed entry. Not so, a US Customs spokeswoman tells CTV . She says Montreal resident Martin... More »

Canadian Uses iPad Scan to Cross Into US

He forgot his passport but remembered his scanned copy

(Newser) - In what looks to be a first, a Canadian traveler got across the US border via iPad. It wasn't intentional: Montreal resident Martin Reisch realized he forgot his passport en route but remembered he had a scanned copy on his Apple gadget, reports the Canadian Press . He handed over... More »

Good News: 32 Miles of US-Canada Border Secure

Bad news: The other 3,968 miles aren't

(Newser) - Nobody tell the terrorists: The US shares a 4,000-mile border with Canada, and 3,968 of those miles don't meet an "acceptable level" of security, says a new federal audit. Border Patrol "does not have the ability to detect illegal activity across most of the northern border,... More »

1,000 Kids a Year Forced Into Sex Slavery—in Ohio

Sweatshop labor also rampant in human trafficking hub

(Newser) - Each year in Ohio some 1,000 US-born children are forced into the sex trade and about 800 immigrants are sexually exploited or pushed into sweatshop labor. Weak trafficking laws, poorly informed law enforcement, and the state's proximity to the Canadian border combine to make Ohio a hub of human... More »

Canada to US: Are We Still Friends?

American protectionism worries our northern neighbor

(Newser) - Canada’s biggest problem now also happens to be its best friend: America. PM Stephen Harper once worried that Canada’s “special relationship” with the US had been lost under George W. Bush—and it hasn’t improved a bit under Obama, writes Luiza Ch. Savage in Macleans. Not... More »

US-Canada Border Crossings Plummet

(Newser) - Fewer Americans visited Canada last month than at any time since record-keeping began in 1972, as new passport controls and a weak US dollar kept tourists away. One-day car trips dropped 26% from May to June, and US tourists in Canada fell to half their number 5 years ago. The... More »

Canada Rebuffs Ex-Radical Ayers at Border

(Newser) - Former Weatherman Bill Ayers was denied entry yesterday into Canada, where he planned to speak at an education conference, the Globe and Mail reports. The controversial academic, who made headlines during the election for his link to Barack Obama, said he had visited Canada more than a dozen times. "... More »

Photo of NYC Bomb Suspect Released

$12,000 reward offered in attack on Times Square recruitment center

(Newser) - Police have released photos of a hooded cyclist suspected in the bombing of a military recruitment center in New York City's Times Square, CNN reports. The frame from a grainy surveillance video shows a person in a hoodie riding up Fifth Avenue, near the spot where the bicycle is believed... More »

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