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Surprise Global Warming Contributor: Reservoirs

They produce as much yearly greenhouse gas emissions as Brazil

(Newser) - There's a new enemy in the battle against global warming: reservoirs. Researchers studying more than 250 of the world's reservoirs found they produce the equivalent of 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide every year, the Washington Post reports. According to Popular Science , that's about the same amount of... More »

LA Fighting Drought With Millions of Black Plastic Balls

They prevent evaporation, keep water clean in reservoirs

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Reservoir has now turned black, but not from any kind of pollution. Over several months, city officials have been unleashing 96 million black plastic balls into the city's 175-acre reservoir in an effort to fight the effects of California's drought. The final 20,000 were... More »

Islands Appearing in the Southwest—Ominously

Lake Powell and Lake Mead are in rough shape

(Newser) - New islands are being born along the border of Arizona and Utah. That's an ominous thing, reports the Guardian in a look at Lake Powell, the country's second-biggest reservoir. Due to dwindling snow falls in the Rockies—which has spurred a crisis for the Colorado River, which feeds... More »

Water Manager Told Off for Peeing in Reservoir

SF worker needs to 'zip up or get shipped out'

(Newser) - A San Francisco water manager who couldn't manage to keep his urine out of the system supplying the city's water will probably be suspended without pay for up to five days, officials say. Martin Sanchez, a $111,000-a-year maintenance planner, was reported for peeing in a reservoir that... More »

Portland Decides to Use Pee Water as Experiment

Water Bureau ended up flushing no more than 3M of the 38M gallons

(Newser) - Portland's Water Bureau administrators sounded fairly adamant when they said some 38 million gallons of water would have to be flushed from one of the city's reservoirs after a teen was caught peeing in it , even though the water tested negative for contamination. They've since somewhat changed... More »

Weird Brown Foam Covers Lake Mead

Initial tests show nothing toxic

(Newser) - Tests are being run on a mysterious brown foamy substance found covering a large part of America's biggest reservoir. Initial tests on the substance—found in the Overton Arm area of Lake Mead along with dozens of dead carp—have revealed nothing toxic but investigators have returned for more... More »

Drought Reveals City Submerged Under Reservoir

Monument City so popular, area is closed off

(Newser) - Indiana's Monument City was submerged half a century ago, when the Salamonie Lake reservoir was built. But severe drought has brought water levels down by so much—more than 12 feet—that the hidden city has been revealed. Though there’s not much to see (dirt roads, building foundations,... More »

Swimmer Takes Dip in Central Park Reservoir

He's lassoed by firefighters

(Newser) - It apparently got a little too hot yesterday for a guy who decided to take a leisurely swim—through New York City's Central Park Reservoir. The swimmer, in his 40s, scaled a chain link fence surrounding the 40-foot-deep reservoir. He refused firefighters' orders to get out, so three of... More »

Reservoir Pisser Reveals Big Gap in Water Security

If Josh Seater had been a terrorist...

(Newser) - Though the story initially got a laugh, no one is chuckling about the fact that Josh Seater was able to waltz up to a 7.8M gallon , open-air reservoir in Portland and pee in it while drunk last month. The incident led officials to drain the entire basin, and also... More »

7.8M-Gallon Reservoir Drained After Guy Pees in It

Little mishap will cost Portland water bureau $36K

(Newser) - You pee in one little reservoir, and the next thing you know, 7.8 million gallons of drinking water are being drained. Yesterday’s incident, in which a 21-year-old man was caught urinating in one of Portland’s uncovered reservoirs by a surveillance camera, will end up costing the Portland... More »

Cracked Hungarian Reservoir Near Collapse

Likely to spill another wave of red sludge, PM warns

(Newser) - A new wave of industrial red sludge will likely wash over Hungary, PM Viktor Orban said today, with the enormous reservoir whose corner gave way earlier this week showing further cracks, and an entire wall "very likely" to collapse. Calling the situation "dramatic," Orban said that nearby... More »

Drugs Found in US Water Supply

Water drunk by 41M people contaminated

(Newser) - Small amounts of a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs have been found in drinking water used daily by 41 million Americans in 24 major cities. A major AP investigation found pain killers, anti-seizure drugs, angina and cholesterol medications, mood-altering drugs, and other pharmaceuticals in tap water, the water... More »

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