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Sad Day: Helium Sucked Out of Last Original Blimp

Don't worry—you'll still spot Goodyear's 'blimps' hovering over America

(Newser) - Goodyear has let the helium out of the last of its fabled fleet of blimps, but the company's flight program will carry on. About two dozen employees witnessed the deflation early Tuesday of the California-based Spirit of Innovation, the AP reports. Not to worry too much, as blimp fans... More »

French Goodyear Workers Take Bosses Hostage

Pair to be held until severance packages improve

(Newser) - Furious French workers at a Goodyear tire factory have revived the practice of "boss-napping" and seized two managers amid a dispute over the plant's closure. The site's director of production and human resources chief are being held at the factory and union leaders say they won't... More »

US CEO Tells France to Keep Its 'So-Called Workers'

They only work 3 hours a day: Titan International's Maurice Taylor

(Newser) - A US tire company boss has no interest in reconsidering his decision not to buy a French Goodyear factory that's set to close—and he's made his reasons perfectly clear. "You can keep the so-called workers," Maurice "The Grizz" Taylor of Titan International wrote to... More »

Coming Soon: Tires Made With Soybean Oil?

Goodyear says the prototypes' tread life lasts 10% longer

(Newser) - All hail the mighty soybean. Turns out that oil extracted from it could be strong enough to support your ride. Goodyear is in the midst of testing tires partially made with soybean oil, and the results thus far are encouraging: Not only do they work, they extend the tire's... More »

Goodyear Blimp Crash Kills Pilot

Blimp called 'The Spirit of Safety' goes down in flames

(Newser) - A sad and ironic ending for "The Spirit of Safety": The Goodyear blimp, which was part of a road safety advertising campaign, went down in flames Sunday night in central Germany. The blimp missed its designated landing spot at Reichelsheim airfield, causing its engine to slam into the ground,... More »

7 Companies Built Around Really Old Products

Barbies, tires, and Corn Flakes rule these companies

(Newser) - Popular, decades-old products can be a blessing and a curse. For some businesses, these tried-and-true items account for a large chunk of sales. But if a newer, hipper, better product comes along...? 24/7 Wall St. looks at seven companies whose fame and fortune largely rests on aging products:
  • Kellogg:
... More »

Man Plans Race Around the World—in Blimps

Trip would take about six months

(Newser) - Don Hartsell has a dream. He’s put up $2 million in hopes of creating a round-the-globe blimp race. The ships would take off at the prime meridian on Sept. 23, 2011, and wouldn’t cross the finish line until March 20, 2012. “We want to establish an event... More »

Obama Signs Ledbetter Act as His First Bill

Law allows suits for decades-old pay discrimination

(Newser) - President Obama signed his first piece of legislation today, selecting an equal pay bill that makes it easier for women to sue for decades-old discrimination. Lilly Ledbetter—who for 19 years endured a pay discrepancy at Goodyear—stood at his side as the president signed the Fair Pay Act named... More »

Citi Paces Dow's 248-Point Drop

Economic news and financial upheaval mean losses for stocks

(Newser) - Financial shares led stocks to deep losses today as a set of economic reports did little to reassure investors, MarketWatch reports. Citigroup lost 23.05% on news it will shed several units, while an index fund of financial shares dropped nearly 5%. The Dow closed down 248.42 at 8,... More »

Toyota Make NASCAR History

Kyle Busch has first win in foreign car in more than 50 years

(Newser) - Kyle Busch and a Japanese car manufacturer were both big winners in the Kobalt Tools 500 today. The 22-year-old became the youngest NASCAR driver to win at Atlanta Motor Speedway, his first victory in nearly a year. The win also marked the first time Toyota won a Sprint Cup series... More »

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