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22 NATO Supply Trucks Blown Up in Afghanistan

Fuel convoy attacked at rest stop

(Newser) - Pakistan has reopened supply lines , but NATO is still having plenty of trouble getting supplies into Afghanistan. In the latest attack, a magnetic bomb placed on a truck destroyed 22 fuel tankers in northern Afghanistan early this morning, reports AP . The tankers, which were transporting fuel south from Uzbekistan, were... More »

Pakistan Border Closing Costing US Over $3M a Day

Alternative route costs $100M extra a month, Panetta says

(Newser) - Pakistan's closure of its border with Afghanistan to NATO convoys is costing the US an extra $100 million a month to get supplies in, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told a Senate committee yesterday. Pakistan closed the border late last year after a cross-border strike killed 24 of its soldiers.... More »

Taliban Torch 50 Trucks in NATO Supply Convoy

Attack calls into question Pakistan supply route

(Newser) - In a bold attack on the allied military supply chain in Afghanistan, Taliban gunmen last night torched a convoy of 50 NATO supply trucks in Pakistan, killing at least seven people. The gunmen ambushed the convoy on the outskirts of Islamabad, killed drivers and security guards, then set the vehicles... More »

Suicide Attack Hits Italian Convoy in Kabul, Kills 16

Taliban claims responsibility for bombing

(Newser) - A suicide car bomber attacked an Italian military convoy on a road in Afghanistan's capital today, killing six Italian soldiers and 10 Afghan civilians, the AP reports. The bomber rammed his explosives-laden car into two Italian military vehicles, Italy's defense minister said. A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility, saying in a... More »

'Wonder Woman' Wins Silver Star

Teen medic shielded wounded with her body

(Newser) - A Texas teenager has become the second woman since World War II to be awarded the Silver Star for bravery in combat. Texas medic Monica Lin Brown, 19, used her body to shield five wounded comrades from gunfire while she treated them after their convoy was caught by a roadside... More »

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