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US Blacklists Haqqani Network

Step could be a blow to relations with Pakistan, Taliban

(Newser) - The Obama administration intends to slap the Haqqani network onto its terrorism blacklist, in a risky bid to strangle the group's fundraising. The idea has been hotly debated in the administration, with many arguing that it could harm relations with Pakistan, undercut Taliban peace talks, and endanger the life... More »

Burma Takes 2K Off Blacklist

But they're not saying which activists are allowed back into the country

(Newser) - Burma's increasingly reform-minded government has taken 2,082 names off the infamous blacklist that bars many activists, artists, and journalists from re-entering the country, state-run media reported today. The catch? Officials aren't saying which 2,082 people are coming off the list, just as they've never divulged... More »

US: Cuba Still a 'Sponsor of Terrorism'

Cuba angrily 'demands that the government of the United States stop lying'

(Newser) - How's this for an anniversary: The US has renewed Cuba's spot on its "state sponsors of terrorism" blacklist for the 30th year in a row, the State Department has announced. The move infuriated Cuba, which released a statement saying it "energetically rejects such a sensitive issue... More »

WikiLeaks: US Blacklisted Us, Screwed Up Funding

Assange says US waging financial war

(Newser) - WikiLeaks funding has been cut off thanks to what Julian Assange calls financial warfare by the US government. In an email to Assange, Moneybookers, the company that collected donations for WikiLeaks, said it was closing WikiLeaks' account “following the recent publicity and subsequent addition of the WikiLeaks entity to... More »

Words Too Dirty for Google Instant

If you're searching for Twinkies ... you're out of luck

(Newser) - Google Instant makes searching faster by automatically completing what you’re typing … unless it’s dirty, of course . The folks at put together a comprehensive “Google blacklist” of words the search giant thinks are naughty, from the apparently innocuous (“servitude”) to the downright... More »

On the Waterfront Writer Schulberg Dead at 95

(Newser) - Legendary Hollywood screenwriter Budd Schulberg has died, the New York Times reports. He was 95. Schulberg, who won an Oscar for On the Waterfront in 1955, was the son of a movie mogul and grew up as a Hollywood insider. His 1941 novel What Makes Sammy Run?, a scathing look... More »

EU Prohibits 6 Kazakh Airlines From Airspace

Cites safety, won't say if Borat mockery lies behind ban

(Newser) - The European Union has banned six Kazakh airlines from its airspace, citing safety reasons, the Guardian reports today. No specific reason was given, though perhaps comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s skit about Borat flying on “Air Kazakh”—a rickety plane with a drunken one-eyed pilot—may have finally... More »

Apple Could Remotely Kill iPhone Apps

Phone checks in for instructions on bad seeds, blogger finds

(Newser) - Apple appears capable of remotely deactivating programs paid for and installed by iPhone users, Arnold Kim writes on MacRumors. The discovery was made when an iPhone user uncovered a hidden web address linked to a software blacklist maintained by Apple—presumably intended to screen malicious software from being used. “... More »

Film Noir Master Dassin Dead at 96

American director made classic Rififi in France

(Newser) - Jules Dassin, a master of film noir who left Hollywood after being blacklisted, has died in an Athens hospital at the age of 96, reports the Los Angeles Times. Born to Russian Jewish immigrants in Connecticut, Dassin made such dark crime dramas as Brute Force and The Naked City in... More »

Director Rips China Over Actress Ban

Lee blasts media silence, blacklisting of Lust, Caution star

(Newser) - Director Ang Lee has blasted Chinese officials for blacklisting a young actress who appeared in his film Lust, Caution. Authorities have ordered TV stations to stop reporting on actress Tang Wei and to pull ads featuring her, even though censors signed off on her portrayal of a student activist who... More »

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