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New Viagra Ad Geared Toward the Ladies

Pfizer hopes commercial will get women talking about erectile dysfunction

(Newser) - At first glance, the new Viagra ad —featuring a comely, middle-aged blonde lounging on a bed with the ocean in the background—might appear to be strictly geared toward men. But Pfizer, the drug's manufacturer, specifically designed the commercial to target women, hoping that by showing a woman... More »

Car Dealer Famous for Outlandish Ads Dead at 92

Cal Worthington and his 'dog Spot' appeared in California commercials

(Newser) - Cal Worthington, famous in Southern California for the outlandish TV commercials advertising his car dealership, died Sunday at age 92. Worthington, who bought his first LA-area dealership in 1950, started making the commercials in an attempt to drum up business because his location wasn't so hot, the New York ... More »

Dish TV Chief to Networks: Adapt or Die

Charlie Ergen defends ad skip feature, which infuriates networks

(Newser) - Networks need to develop more creative and targeted ads that viewers don't want to skip, or they risk being left in the digital dust, said the chairman and co-founder of Dish Network, America's No. 3 pay-TV distributor, reports the Wall Street Journal . In a rare interview, Charlie Ergen... More »

Psychic Predicted Moment Occupy Would Start— Correctly

...and other weird OWS news

(Newser) - If you thought a sitcom predicting Moammar Gadhafi’s death was weird, check this out: A psychic predicted when Occupy Wall Street would begin, almost down to the minute, Mediaite reports. At a psychic panel in Kansas City in January, Steve MacDonald said the lower and middle classes would revolt... More »

Parents Group to TV Shows: Stop Sexualizing Teen Girls

Parents Television Council Says Underage Girls Are Raunchy Punchlines

(Newser) - A parents' watchdog group says primetime TV shows are obsessed with turning teenage girls into sex objects, reports the Hollywood Reporter . "They can tone it down," says the president of the Parents Television Council. The group looked at the most popular shows on broadcast TV (cable got a... More »

Old Spice Man Trades Horse for Motorcycle

'Man your man could smell like' Isaiah Mustafa returns

(Newser) - The "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercial was a tough act to follow, but the body wash's latest spot is a thing of beauty, Linda Holmes blogs for NPR . Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa is back, but his horse isn't. "There are so many ways this all... More »

Lost Finale Earns Raves—for Target Ads

Keyboard, smoke detector, barbecue sauce spots tickle viewers

(Newser) - Last night's Lost series finale left a lot of critics unhappy , but one thing most viewers agreed on was the cleverness of the Target ads that incorporated the show's mythology. "Can we have more of these, please?" asks New York's Vulture blog . "How about one for Dramamine showing... More »

Idol Is TV's Biggest Moneymaker

'Two and a Half Men,' '24' also rake in the bucks

(Newser) - TV shows are judged by ratings, but ratings don't always reflect how much cash a show actually brings in. The biggest moneymakers are longstanding hits with broad appeal, Kantar Media found in a survey of TV's most popular programs. The winner, unsurprisingly, is a show that practically defines mass appeal:... More »

Fox News Still Loves Beck, Even If Advertisers Don't

Beck gives 'terrific kickoff' to Fox News evening shows

(Newser) - Glenn Beck may be scaring away advertisers, but Rupert Murdoch still thinks the controversial personality gives a "terrific kickoff" to the Fox News evening lineup. That's what Murdoch said when asked how long Fox News would subsidize Beck's show, which has been losing advertisers since Beck said last year... More »

Psychedelic Cat Food Commercial a Real Trip

The making of the Friskies 'Adventureland' spots, with turkey choreography

(Newser) - The insane "Adventureland" commercials for Friskies—which seem to suggest that your cat is dropping acid right there in the kitchen—took 6 months to produce and involved a cast of three cats and numerous humans, including a turkey-dance choreographer. The behind-the-scenes video about the making of the inescapable... More »

'What Were You Thinking?' Tiger's Dead Pop Asks in Ad

Eerie Nike commercial addresses scandal in its way

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' dead father asks him if he "learned anything" in a bizarre new Nike ad featuring the return of a very guilty-looking golf pro to TV commercials. The entire 30-second black-and-white spot is simply a close up of a sad Woods listening to the recorded words of his... More »

Google Runs 1st Super Bowl Ad

Search giant breaks into big time with romantic spot

(Newser) - After countless rumors and one coy tweet, Google aired its first Super Bowl ad tonight. The spot, "Parisian Love," traces a romance through search queries and results, beginning with "study abroad paris france" and ending with "how to assemble a crib." CEO Eric Schmidt hinted... More »

Sold: All CBS' Super Bowl Ad Spots

62 slots are filled at $2.5 to $3M apiece, with a payday of around $200M

(Newser) - CBS has already sold all of the in-game ad slots for the Super Bowl, quite a feat considering networks often scramble for ad buyers well into the week preceding the game even when the economy is up. The network claims to have sold only the 62 formatted spots, but an... More »

Cold Weather Means Hot Demand for Soup, Boots

Plummeting temperatures lead to marketing opportunities

(Newser) - When the weather turns cold, retailers swing into action, targeting ads toward areas where the mercury's dropping—even in normally temperate markets like Florida. “Marketing into a situation that's favorable for your product” is the key, one analyst tells Advertising Age . Take Campbell’s Soup, which uses a “... More »

House OKs Bill to Turn Down Loud TV Ads

Measure even has cutesy acronym: It's the CALM Act

(Newser) - Think TV commercials can be too loud? Well, the House of Representatives is with you, today passing a bill—the CALM Act, a cutesy acronym for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation—that would turn down the volume. Ads significantly louder than the program they’re interrupting are a particular target of... More »

FTC Takes on 'Free' Credit Report Minstrels

Latest showdown between Feds and credit bureau goes viral

(Newser) - A long-running battle between the Federal Trade Commission and credit bureau Experian has blossomed into a viral video showdown of sorts. Experian runs—beneficiary of the cheeky slacker music video/ads. The FTC thinks—rightly, in the opinion of many—that the company is intentionally diverting consumers from the... More »

Microsoft Blows It With Bizarre Bing Ads

Blame Google for the collapse of global financial architecture

(Newser) - Microsoft is thrashing Google in new TV spots for its "decision engine" Bing—understandably, since from Microsoft's perspective their rival is single-handedly responsible for the global financial crisis. "While everyone was searching, there was bailing," says an announcer, as images of fleeting Internet memes give way... More »

Google Brings Online Chrome Ad to TV

With browser far behind competitors, innovator goes traditional

(Newser) - In a desperate bid to heighten the visibility of its little-used web browser Chrome, Google has launched its first American television advertising campaign, the Guardian reports. The TV ad was made by a Google Japan team and uses stop-motion animation. Google says it’s “excited to see how this... More »

Media World Braced for Loss Of GM, Chrysler Ad Buys

A collapse in Detroit could cost media players billions

(Newser) - As the situation in Detroit becomes increasingly perilous, media companies are anxiously waiting to see what happens to the vast marketing dollars—$3 billion in the US last year—General Motors and Chrysler previously poured into advertising. But while vastly decreased spending seems like a foregone conclusion, most media companies... More »

Recession Hits the Oscars— Sort Of

Revenue is down, parties are scaling back

(Newser) - Even the Oscars are feeling the economic strain, People reports. Sure, there are still dozens of parties planned on the big day, but organizers are pumping up the “greenness” of the soirées and downplaying the extravagance—Vanity Fair is using decorations from past events. Even those not scaling... More »

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