South Padre Island

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Dolly Makes Texas Landfall

Rio Grande levees remain intact amid heavy rain, winds topping 100 mph

(Newser) - Hurricane Dolly has come ashore near South Padre Island, Texas, the AP reports, forcing thousands on both sides of the US-Mexico border to forsake their homes for shelters. Heavy winds and rains have already destroyed a building’s roof and cut power for thousands; authorities say levees along the Rio... More »

Spring Breakers Party Stateside

Reports of gun violence, drug cartels in Mexican border towns keep students away

(Newser) - More spring breakers are sipping their Coronas domestically this year, the AP reports. Mexico is a staple hotspot, but widespread reports of drug wars in border towns and tightened security at US entry points have convinced many college vacationers to remain stateside. In places like Texas's South Padre Island, students... More »

2 Stories