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20 Dead in Mexican Prison Riot

Officials aren't saying what caused the violence

(Newser) - A prison riot in the violent Mexican border city of Matamoros has left at least 20 dead and 12 injured, reports the LA Times . The trouble started as a fight between two inmates, and quickly grew into a full-fledged riot. Officials are not saying what caused the fight or who... More »

Mexican Drug Honcho Killed in Shootout

Fed sting in border town yields top prize

(Newser) - Shots rang out for hours in a pitched gun battle between Mexico's military and a drug cartel, and when the dust cleared, a key drug kingpin, Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, or "Tony the Storm," lay dead along with four cronies and three marines. Cardenas, 48, is one of... More »

Spring Breakers Party Stateside

Reports of gun violence, drug cartels in Mexican border towns keep students away

(Newser) - More spring breakers are sipping their Coronas domestically this year, the AP reports. Mexico is a staple hotspot, but widespread reports of drug wars in border towns and tightened security at US entry points have convinced many college vacationers to remain stateside. In places like Texas's South Padre Island, students... More »

3 Stories