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Another Rapper's Kid Snags UCLA Football Scholarship

This time Snoop Dogg's son, Cordell Broadus, is on the receiving end

(Newser) - Apparently UCLA really did not give a fig about all the controversy it stirred up by handing a $54,000 football scholarship to Diddy's kid , because now it's gone and doled out yet another football scholarship to yet another rapper's son. This time around Snoop Dogg's... More »

UCLA Defends $54K Scholarship for Diddy's Kid

No taxpayer money going to Justin Combs, rep explains

(Newser) - It goes without saying that Justin Combs, son of Sean "Diddy" Combs, doesn't need any financial help in order to attend college, yet UCLA has awarded him a full $54,000 athletic scholarship to play on its football team starting this fall. Needless to say, outcry ensued, but... More »

Ralph Nader: Stop Giving Athletes Scholarships

He calls the NCAA tournament a 'pro' competition

(Newser) - Ralph Nader has set his sites on a new target: college sports. Nader's "League of Fans" group is calling for a ban on college athletic scholarships, as a way to "de-professionalize" school athletic programs. "As we near the exciting conclusion of 'March Madness—which would more accurately... More »

13-Year-Old Quarterback Accepts USC Offer

If all goes well, David Sills will be in California—in 5 years

(Newser) - Unlike many 13-year-olds, David Sills knows exactly where he’ll be in 5 years: playing football for USC. The Delaware quarterback has made a verbal commitment to Lane Kiffin after the coach was wowed by a YouTube video of the phenom and offered him a scholarship. “His skill set... More »

Colleges Drop SAT Bar for Jocks

Athletes score 220 points lower on SAT than average classmate

(Newser) - Though athletes have long enjoyed a break on college admissions, new numbers on how far they lag behind other students on SAT scores have raised concerns of fairness. Nationwide, football jocks average 220 points lower on the SAT than their classmates at 54 universities studied by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Basketball... More »

College Sports Don't Pay Off

Parents overestimate value of athletic scholarships

(Newser) - Parents believe sports are their kids' golden ticket to college, but athletic scholarships rarely cover full tuition—and there aren't enough to go around. Football and basketball do pay off, but otherwise the average NCAA scholarship is worth $8,707, at schools that can cost up to $50,000 a... More »

D-1 Dreams Dashed, Player Invents His Own

Football scholarship to Cal? Nevada senior admits he made it up

(Newser) - Nevada football player Kevin Hart's proudest moment came last Friday when he stood before his entire school and announced that he had accepted a scholarship to play D-1 ball at Cal. His most crushing came yesterday when he admitted he made the whole story up, reports the Washington Post—after... More »

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