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He's Baaack: Dean Leads Lefty Charge Against Obama

Almost looks like he's running for something...

(Newser) - Howard Dean’s return to the national stage with stinging criticism of the compromises Democratic leaders accepted on health care reform has thrilled disaffected progressives—and even sparked talk of another run for president. One liberal blogger says his dusted-off bona fides make Dean “perfectly positioned” to challenge Obama... More »

Web-Saavy Obama Needs No Party

(Newser) - Barack Obama has so revolutionized politics that he may not even need the Democratic party, writes David Carr in the New York Times. Parties are supposed to provide a base of support, a brand, ground troops, money, and relationships—all things Obama already has in abundance. The president-elect ran his... More »

Internet Army Could Power Obama Presidency

President-elect intends to use grassroots to his advantage

(Newser) - Barack Obama hadn’t even given his victory speech when the message went out to supporters: “We have a lot to do,” the email read. “I’ll be in touch.” Obama won’t disband his digitally organized army of volunteers, McClatchy reports. Joe Trippi, who designed... More »

The Winning Combination: Passion Plus Efficiency

Obama's campaign uses both to perfection

(Newser) - Barack Obama triumphed because he managed to infuse his campaign with that rarest of combinations, writes Karen Tumulty in Time—"the energy of an insurgency and the efficiency of a corporation." His camp also has been remarkably free of drama and unshakable from its core message of change.... More »

Obama Has 70% Chance of Topping Ticket

Master strategist opens up, offers advice, predictions

(Newser) - Barack Obama is far more likely to be the Democratic nominee than Hillary Clinton is, says Joe Trippi, the veteran strategist who advised Howard Dean and John Edwards. In an IM interview with New York, he puts Obama’s odds at 70%, predicts a race that lasts until the convention,... More »

5 Stories