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New Google System Watches Your Cursor to Tell if You're Human

ReCAPTCHA system uses 'model of how a human behaves'

(Newser) - Google may have just made your web-browsing life a little easier. You're probably familiar with CAPTCHAs, which pop up on websites asking you to read and re-type distorted text to prove you're human and not a robotic clicking system. Well, today, Google revealed a new version of what... More »

Anti-Spam Program Aids Archivists

Text unreadable by scanners decoded by access-seekers

(Newser) - Archivists attempting to convert aging texts into digital copies are turning to a trusted online tool used to block automated spammers, the BBC reports. Many sites that make users write out garbled words or segments of text as a means of proving they’re actual human beings are displaying texts... More »

In One Domain, Anyway, Man Still Conquers Machine

CAPTCHAs, where humans distill words from squiggles, hold line in spam war

(Newser) - Every web user has come across CAPTCHAs: wavy-lettered depiction of words you must retype as text. Most pay them no mind, but, Lev Grossman writes in Time, we should reflect upon completing one. They're one of the rare visible skirmishes in the largely invisible war between spammers and security programmers.... More »

Gmail Spam Doubles, Duping Junk Blocker

Program touted to tell real email from spam 'defeated'

(Newser) - Spammers doubled junk mail from Gmail accounts last month and all but iced a touted spam-blocker, PC World reports. Gmail junk rose from 1.3% to 2.6% of all spam in February, overwhelming the company's CAPTCHA programs with spam from multiple accounts. "It's only a matter of time... More »

4 Stories