Twin Towers

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Teens Dress as Twin Towers, Win Costume Contest

Brits have since apologized for Halloween choice

(Newser) - And this year's prize for Worst Halloween Costume Idea goes to ... the two British 19-year-olds, who went to a nightclub's costume contest dressed as the Twin Towers on 9/11. That's not the only prize they were awarded: The teens, whose World Trade Center costumes were marked "... More »

Chemical Reaction Brought Down Twin Towers: Scientist

Melted aluminum, sprinkler water caused secondary explosions

(Newser) - The melting aluminum hulls of the jetliners that smashed into the twin towers may have combined with sprinkler water to set off the explosions that ultimately brought down the towers, according to a new report from a technology research group in Norway. “If my theory is correct, tons of... More »

Paltrow Saved a Life on 9/11

By almost mowing down jaywalker, making her late for work

(Newser) - Gwyneth Paltrow: actress, singer , chef , gangsta rapper , and ... unlikely 9/11 hero? For one woman, yes. On the Morton Report , Lara Lundstrom Clarke recounts her chance encounter with the actress on the morning of September 11, 2001. Lundstrom Clarke was jaywalking across 7th street to catch her train when a Mercedes... More »

United Apologizes for Reusing 9/11 Flight Numbers

United Airlines flight numbers 93 and 175 will no longer be recycled

(Newser) - United Airlines is apologizing after briefly restarting use of flight numbers of two of the doomed planes hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001. Flight numbers 93 and 175 have been removed from the airline's computer system after a United flight attendants' union objected to the reuse. The flight numbers probably... More »

9/11 Families: Do Not Bury Remains at Museum

Some families insist they were not consulted

(Newser) - More than 9,000 pieces of human remains from the World Trade Center attacks remain unidentified and unclaimed—but some relatives of the 9/11 victims aren't happy with their proposed final resting place, the AP reports. The plan is to house the remains seven stories underground at the National September... More »

Man on Wire a Thrilling Act

Reliving a time when the Towers weren't depressing

(Newser) - A Frenchman's daring high-wire walk between the Twin Towers nearly 35 years ago is chronicled in a documentary that feels "like a real-life heist picture," Dana Stevens writes in Slate. Man on Wire recounts Philippe Petit's 6-plus years of planning, his procurement of equipment and fake IDs, and... More »

9/11 Illnesses Haunt Journalists

Those who covered Ground Zero report breathing problems, other ailments

(Newser) - The helicopter ride through the burning World Trader Center's thick, chemical-laden smoke won Keith Meyers' 9/11 photos a share of the Pulitzer, but he says it cost him his health and career. "I could feel my skin tingling and burning," recalls the former New York Times photographer. Like... More »

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