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Author of Fake Holocaust Memoir Loses $22.5M Case

Misha Defonseca claimed she spent WWII with pack of wolves

(Newser) - A woman who made up a best-selling memoir about spending her World War II childhood living with wolves in Europe's forests after her parents were arrested by the Nazis has been ordered to repay her publisher a whopping $22.5 million. After an earlier legal dispute with Misha Defonseca... More »

How to Fake a Memoir

Embellish the story without getting caught, Slate scribe suggests

(Newser) - Misha Defonseca's memoir left a sticky trail of lies about escaping Nazis and living with wolves. (It turns out wolf saliva isn't an antiseptic.) Tired of careless fabricators, Slate writes a how-to for aspiring fakers:
  • Keep it vague. Dates are verifiable—"awhile" is not.
  • Watch out for tattling
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2 Stories