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Syrians Allege Chemical Attack: 'Suffocating Smell'

BBC thinks evidence begins to add up

(Newser) - Government helicopters dropped chemical weapons last month on the Syrian town of Saraqeb, eyewitness testimony strongly suggests. A BBC correspondent visited the town, and was regaled with accounts and videos of box-like devices being dropped out of helicopters and emitting deadly gas. "It was a horrible, suffocating smell,"... More »

Pesticide Exposure in Womb May Lower IQ

Three studies suggest a link to kids' intelligence

(Newser) - Three new studies suggest that pregnant women exposed to pesticides have kids with lower average IQs, reports USA Today . But let's not be too alarmist about applying these findings, cautions the Los Angeles Times . Along those lines, one of the study's lead authors offers this takeaway message for... More »

Gulf Illness Blamed on Chemicals

Pesticides and nerve agents cause syndrome, says researcher

(Newser) - Exposure to chemicals and pesticides during the first Gulf War is the likely cause of widespread illnesses suffered by its veterans, a new study concludes. Some 250,000 veterans of the conflict—a third of the troops who served— suffer fatigue, muscle and joint pain, memory lapses, intestinal problems, and... More »

3 Stories