Desert Storm

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How US Media Censored a Shocking War Photo

Kenneth Jarecke's photograph, once snubbed, is now famous

(Newser) - Kenneth Jarecke's stunning photo of an Iraqi soldier scorched alive in his truck might have shocked Americans 23 years ago, but we'll never know—because the US media kept it under wraps, the Atlantic reports. On assignment with Time to cover Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Jarecke persuaded... More »

Saddam Sought Soviet Help in '91

Declassified records reveal attempt to head off US attack

(Newser) - A frustrated Saddam Hussein pleaded with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev for diplomatic assistance as the Operation Desert Storm ground battle began in 1991, reveal newly declassified records from Iraqi archives. The records—part of a huge archive containing millions of documents and thousands of hours of video footage captured after... More »

Family Doesn't Believe Speicher Died in Crash

Grateful for return of body, but official line doesn't jibe with beliefs

(Newser) - Scott Speicher’s family is thankful for the return of the missing pilot's remains, but isn't buying the military's conclusion that he died in a plane crash in Iraq on the opening night of the Gulf War, the Florida Times-Union reports. “We’re discrediting the rumor that he died... More »

Gulf Illness Blamed on Chemicals

Pesticides and nerve agents cause syndrome, says researcher

(Newser) - Exposure to chemicals and pesticides during the first Gulf War is the likely cause of widespread illnesses suffered by its veterans, a new study concludes. Some 250,000 veterans of the conflict—a third of the troops who served— suffer fatigue, muscle and joint pain, memory lapses, intestinal problems, and... More »

4 Stories