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Resurgent al-Qaeda in Iraq's Target: 'Heart' of US

Back from brink, al-Qaeda in Iraq far more dangerous

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda in Iraq killed scores of people with its coordinated bombings and shootings around Iraq early this week, but the militant group has bigger ambitions than just local terror attacks. It's now aiming for the "heart" of the US, reports the Los Angeles Times . "You will soon... More »

Gulf Illness Blamed on Chemicals

Pesticides and nerve agents cause syndrome, says researcher

(Newser) - Exposure to chemicals and pesticides during the first Gulf War is the likely cause of widespread illnesses suffered by its veterans, a new study concludes. Some 250,000 veterans of the conflict—a third of the troops who served— suffer fatigue, muscle and joint pain, memory lapses, intestinal problems, and... More »

2 Stories