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One Idea Was to Let Dogs Eat All the Bodies in Mosul

Volunteers describe 'thousands' of bodies left buried in rubble

(Newser) - It's been 10 months since Iraq declared victory over ISIS in Mosul, but the bodies are still being collected. Volunteers are slowly combing over what the UN estimates to be 8 million tons of rubble—enough to form three separate piles as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza—... More »

US Wasted $8B in Aid to Rebuild Iraq: Report

US managers insisted on large projects Iraqis did not want, says assessment

(Newser) - At least $8 billion of the $60 billion spent by the United States on Iraq reconstruction was wasted due to US insistence on large rebuilding projects that the Iraqis did not want—that's according to the long-awaited, 171-page report "Learning From Iraq," released today by the special... More »

One Thing Back on Track in Haiti: Mourning

Along with dead, Haitians mourn loss of knowledge, culture, competency

(Newser) - As the shock over the inconceivable 230,000 lost in the Haitian earthquake begins to subside, survivors have begun to shift to mourning individuals—from teachers to tax collectors, schoolchildren to elderly priests, brothers to sons. As the New York Times reports, the police chief whose daughters died on the... More »

What Rebuilding Haiti Will Mean

Debt relief, housing quality, and a better government are key

(Newser) - World leaders have vowed to rebuild Haiti's infrastructure into something better than it was before; the Independent takes a look at what this would mean in practice:
  • Higher-quality housing: Haiti has no building codes; international donors should insist the new dwellings their funds build for those left homeless in the
... More »

Haiti Quake Cleanup Is Only First Step

Quake will delay but must not stop ongoing development efforts

(Newser) - Before “one of the great humanitarian emergencies in the history of the Americas” struck, Haiti had a "bright future," Bill Clinton writes. The 42nd president is a UN special envoy to the perennially troubled nation, where he has helped spearhead development efforts. Today, “what Haiti needs... More »

New Orleans Repair an Experiment in Green

(Newser) - Four years after Katrina, the rebuilding of New Orleans is becoming an exercise in environmentally friendly reconstruction, Bryan Walsh writes in Time. Global Green USA, the American arm of a group founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, is leading the pack by building a sustainable village in the city's Lower Ninth Ward,... More »

Guests Return to Battered Mumbai Hotels

Reopening marks city's quick rebound

(Newser) - Both five-star Mumbai hotels targeted in last month's deadly terror attacks reopened for business yesterday, marking the defiant rebound with glitz and prayer, reports the Los Angeles Times reports. Amid tight security, Bollywood stars and top government officials celebrated at the century-old Taj Mahal—whose flaming building became the iconic... More »

Mother Nature's Wrath Creates Prosperity

Disasters spur economic growth, but at what cost?

(Newser) - Casualties aside, natural disasters may not be so devastating after all. Catastrophes like the recent earthquake in China destroy old buildings and roads, making way for new and improved infrastructure that may not have been created otherwise and pumping cash into the economy. In the long term, updated technology and... More »

WTC Rebuilding an Emblem of Can't-Do Politics

Morass of competing parties and gridlock mirrors US system

(Newser) - We’re having an entertaining campaign season, Daniel Henninger allows in the Wall Street Journal, but the US' fundamental political system is in deep trouble: “It’s an open question whether we have one, or are losing the one we’ve got.” He finds a microcosm in the... More »

Bush Salutes Tornado Town in Speech to Kansas Grads

US communities 'stronger than any storm,' he boasts

(Newser) - President Bush returned to praise Greensburg residents yesterday to mark the first anniversary of the day the Kansas town was struck by a devastating tornado that killed 11. Bush applauded the community's resilience and determination in a speech to the town's high school graduating class of just 18 students, reports... More »

New Fear for Katrina Victims: Collectors

Company claims it overpaid on some rebuilding grants

(Newser) - A contractor responsible for doling out federal rebuilding money to Katrina victims is seeking another company to collect what may amount to hundreds of millions of dollars from Katrina victims. ICF International claims it overpaid some applicants in a rush to get $11 billion out the door; meanwhile, a third... More »

Landmark NY Library to Be Renamed for Donor

Wall Street financier donates $100 million

(Newser) - Following the style of sports stadiums, Manhattan's stately beaux arts library on Fifth Avenue will be renamed for a key contributor to a billion-dollar expansion of the library system. Private equity king Stephen Schwarzman is giving the library $100 million from his several-billion-dollar fortune, reports the New York Times. Schwarzman,... More »

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