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Light at Night May Interfere With Breast Cancer Drug

Even dim light suppresses melatonin, which appears to make tumors resist treatment

(Newser) - Light at night has already been widely linked to poorer sleep quality , but now even dim light is being shown to interfere with a breast cancer drug's ability to do its job. So says a new study on rats out of Tulane University School of Medicine, which found that... More »

CVS Gave Kids Cancer Drugs by Mistake

50 families were supposed to get fluoride tablets

(Newser) - Children from 50 families in New Jersey were accidentally given a breast cancer drug instead of chewable fluoride tablets, reports Gawker . Instead of a fluoride pill to prevent tooth decay, the children got Tamoxifen, a drug that prevents the production of estrogen. Fortunately, doctors say it should not have any... More »

Nursing Cuts Breast Cancer Risk

(Newser) - New research strongly suggests that breastfeeding can help protect women with a family history of breast cancer from developing the cancer, Reuters reports. Scientists found that among women who had a mother or sister with the disease, those who breastfed were nearly 60% less likely to develop the cancer before... More »

Drug Therapy Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse

Aromatase inhibitors work after tamoxifen regimen ends

(Newser) - New research shows that women can cut the risk of breast cancer recurring years later by taking certain drugs, the Washington Post reports. Studies show that the drugs, known as aromatase inhibitors, sharply reduced the risk of cancer's return after women had finished their regimen of the widely used tamoxifen.... More »

4 Stories