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What Day Job? Supreme Court's RBG Tries Acting

Ginsburg will have a cameo in 'The Merchant of Venice'

(Newser) - Art often imitates life, and that will ring true for none other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this summer as she throws off her court garb and dons stage attire for her role in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Vox reports. The 83-year-old justice's cameo appearance... More »

'Dreamy Mugshot Guy' Free Again, Mulls Next Steps

Jeremy Meeks entertaining offers after release from prison

(Newser) - From California inmate to actor? It seems anything is possible for the "dreamy mugshot guy" with piercing blue eyes and a teardrop tattoo. Less than two years after his mugshot went viral , Jeremy Meeks was released from prison on Tuesday where he was serving time for weapons charges and... More »

Peter O'Toole Dead at 81

'Lawrence of Arabia' star retired from acting in 2012

(Newser) - Actor Peter O'Toole , the legend of stage and screen perhaps best known for Lawrence of Arabia, has died at the age of 81, his agent confirms to the BBC . The Brit was nominated eight times for an Oscar but was win-less in his lifetime , though he did begrudgingly accept... More »

'King Joffrey': I'm Quitting Acting After Game of Thrones

Jack Gleeson says the lifestyle's not for him

(Newser) - Spoiler alert: You won't be seeing much of Jack Gleeson after he inevitably gets killed off on Game of Thrones. The actor, who plays the much-detested character King Joffrey Baratheon, says he's just not into the celebrity lifestyle, the Irish Independent reports. Acting "was always a recreation... More »

Pal Maria Shriver: Jack Nicholson Is Not Retiring

But RadarOnline says 76-year-old is out

(Newser) - The big man himself hasn't weighed in, but friend Maria Shriver tells E! Online that a report about Jack Nicholson retiring from acting is absolutely false. Shriver was responding to a story at RadarOnline alleging that the 76-year-old was done because of memory problems. Its source is an unnamed... More »

Hasty Pudding Man of the Year: Kiefer Sutherland

Will be roasted Friday

(Newser) - Kiefer Sutherland has been named Man of the Year by Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the nation's oldest undergraduate drama troupe. The Golden Globe-winning actor will be roasted and receive his ceremonial pudding pot at a ceremony scheduled for Friday. The awards are presented annually to performers who... More »

Peter O'Toole Retires From Acting

Has lost 'heart for it' at age 79

(Newser) - Just a few weeks shy of his 80th birthday, Peter O'Toole says he's done acting. "It's time for me to chuck in the sponge," he announced today. "To retire from stage and screen. The heart for it has gone out of me; it won'... More »

Why Bad Actors Do Well on TV

Willa Paskin argues that we learn to accept our TV family, flaws and all

(Newser) - Mad Men is one of TV's best shows, even though January Jones isn't a very good actress. Stana Katic is roughly as bad as the romantic lead on Castle, yet that show's fine, too. "Television is very kind to bad actors," observes Willa Paskin of... More »

NYU Prof: I Got Fired for Giving a 'D' to James Franco

And Jose Angel Santana is suing, of course

(Newser) - James Franco's stint as a student at NYU is the gift that keeps on giving. A professor who gave him a D in acting class say he got fired for doing so and is suing the university for his job back, reports the New York Post . Jose Angel Santana... More »

Oscar-Winner Cliff Robertson Dies

Won Oscar for Charly , but never made top of Hollywood A-list

(Newser) - Cliff Robertson, the Oscar-winner for 1968's Charly who is best-known to today's generation as uncle Ben Parker in the Spider-Man movies, died yesterday at age 88, reports the LA Times . Described by Look magazine in 1963 as "one of the finest young actors in America today,"... More »

Schwarzenegger Ready for Action

Nearly 8 years from his last hit, Arnold says he's still got it

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, and even at age 63, the longtime action star says he's ready to return to the high-octane heroics and disemboweling that made him famous. "I can step very comfortably into the entertainment world and do an action movie with the same violence that I've always... More »

Schwarzenegger: I'm Going Back to Acting

He gives Hollywood talent agency green light to solicit scripts

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently meant it when he said, "I'll be back:" The ex-Governator is picking up his old day job, acting, reports the AP. "Exciting news," he tweeted. "My friends at CAA have been asking me for seven years when they can take offers seriously.... More »

James Franco Got a D in Acting Class

Must have been one tough NYU prof

(Newser) - James Franco, who may be headed for an Oscar nomination for his role in 127 Hours, took an acting class at NYU … and got a D. “I did the work, I did well in everything else,” he tells Showbiz411 , attributing his low grade to lots of absences—... More »

Bristol Palin Makes Acting Debut

Teen mom plays teen mom in Secret Life

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's eldest daughter hits the small screen next month in the July 5 episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Bristol Palin meets fictional teen mom Amy at a music camp for teen moms. The 19-year-old says her prime time appearance is to "educate teens and... More »

Top Crossover Success Stories

Zooey Deschanel, Al Franken among two-field stars

(Newser) - We’ve seen lots of celebrities crash and burn in endeavors outside the area where they’ve made their mark; from James Brady Ryan , a look at the top five crossover successes:
  • Zooey Deschanel: Following the acting-to-singing trail blazed by “the mostly bland J.Lo, the horrendous Lindsay Lohan,
... More »

Damon's Next Step: Directing

On top of Hollywood, Matt Damon plans on slowing down

(Newser) - Twelve years after the breakthrough Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon has become one of Hollywood’s hottest names—and now he plans on cooling off, the Boston Globe reports. “You shoot all day, have dinner and work on a screenplay until midnight and then get up at five and... More »

Stewart Spotted 'Ghost' in Godot

(Newser) - Actor Patrick Stewart reported seeing a "ghost" in the wings while performing Waiting for Godot in London, reports the Telegraph. The former Star Ship Enterprise captain was apparently not up to snuff during one scene. When co-star Ian McKelllan asked him what happened, Stewart replied: "I just saw... More »

FBI, CIA Recruits Duke It Out With Actors on DC's Streets

Bystanders beware: crime scenes staged on streets

(Newser) - Criminal incidents around Washington may not always be what they seem: The FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and other authorities stage crimes all over town, aiming to put trainees in the heat of the action, the Washington Post reports. Professional actors, students, retired cops, and others play bad-guy targets for new... More »

Onscreen and Off, Charlize Is Naked

For spicy Oscar winner, candor comes naturally

(Newser) - Charlize Theron is known for her devil-may-care attitude about onscreen nudity. But as Kevin Conley found while writing a profile of the Oscar-winning beauty for Vogue, nakedness follows Theron into her real life as well—though it’s of the metaphorical variety. “I feel like I always reveal too... More »

Streep: Move Oscars Before Other Awards

Late scheduling takes the punch out of iconic awards, actor says

(Newser) - Two-time Oscar winner (and 15-time nominee) Meryl Streep has a suggestion for the Academy—the ceremony should be earlier, she tells USA Today. “The Oscars should be Jan. 2,” Streep said, “before the Golden Globes, BAFTAs, the Broadcast Film Critics.” Winners are so tired of awards... More »

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