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Star Wars Spinoff Films Coming

Stand-alone movies will be in addition to planned trilogy

(Newser) - It's a Star Wars avalanche: In addition to the coming Episodes VII, VIII, and IX , Disney plans to produce a number of spinoff movies that revolve around certain characters, CEO Robert Iger tells CNBC . No word yet on which characters will be featured in the standalone films (rumor is... More »

Disney Dumping Junk Food Ads

Advertisers will have to meet minimum standards

(Newser) - Disney has decided it's time for Mickey and friends to stop getting fat on junk food dollars. The company says it is phasing out ads and sponsorship for unhealthy food and drinks on its TV channels, radio stations, and websites. It will require products to meet minimum nutritional standards... More »

Number of CEOs Making $50M+ Climbs

May have been higher than ever last year

(Newser) - Two more executives last year joined what USA Today calls the "$50 Million Club," the group of executives who—you guessed it—make $50 million or more per year. Annual proxy statements filed this week show that compensation for Occidental Petroleum's Ray Irani was valued at $80.... More »

Shanghai Disney Under Way

CEO: It will be 'both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese'

(Newser) - After a long wait , Mickey’s new home in China is officially under construction. The iconic mouse joined Disney CEO Robert Iger and top Shanghai officials—as well as Goofy, Princess Jasmine, and other friends—for a groundbreaking ceremony today at the future site of Shanghai Disneyland, the Los Angeles ... More »

Disney Looks to Earn $1B from Internet

Company says Lost , Grey's Anatomy online ads paid big dividends

(Newser) - Disney is ramping up its Internet efforts and expects to reap greater returns thanks to hit shows being streamed online, such as Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, reports the AP. The company expects to earn $1 billion in fiscal 2008, a sizable jump over last year, said CEO Robert Iger... More »

5 Stories