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Central Banks Move to Ease Market Strains

Stock futures surge on the news

(Newser) - Central banks around the world plan to ease the strain on the global financial system by taking coordinated action to prevent a lack of liquidity, they announced in a statement this morning—news that sent stock futures soaring more than 250 points . The Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank... More »

Swiss Offer UBS $60B Bailout

Troubled banking giant will get capital injection, offload bad debts

(Newser) - Switzerland became the latest nation to shore up struggling banks, reports the Telegraph, as it bailed out UBS to the tune of $60 billion today. The Swiss central bank will offer UBS a capital injection of $6 billion in exchange for 9% of the company, and it will allow UBS ... More »

Central Banks Throw $360B Lifeline

Effects of worldwide effort on markets still unfolding

(Newser) - The Fed has joined forces with central banks in Europe, Japan and Canada to pump more dollars into the global financial system in a bid to fend off economic catastrophe, Bloomberg reports. The funds—$180 billion from the Federal Reserve and nearly as much from the other banks—are being... More »

European Banks Loosen Purse Strings

Inject billions into markets; offer more to keep crisis at bay

(Newser) - The weekend’s storm on Wall Street has prompted Europe’s central bankers to make billions of dollars available on the cheap to global money markets as a levee against a rising flood of fresh turmoil, the New York Times reports. The European Central Bank has pledged $43 billion and... More »

Fed Pours $200B Into Global Credit Relief Push

Central banks around the world try to ease liquidity problem

(Newser) - The Fed will inject huge quantities of cash into financial markets as part of a coordinated global attack on the credit crisis, Ben Bernanke announced today. The central bank will loan out another $200 billion, this time on a 28-day basis rather than overnight, the AP reports. The effort will... More »

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