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Petition: Parkland Student Hero Should Get Full Military Funeral

Peter Wang held doors for fleeing students, staff; another student hero recovers at a local hospital

(Newser) - Amid the grief and anger, stories of inspiration and heroism continue to emerge out of the Parkland school shooting last week, and a petition is now in place to honor one of the late students who helped his classmates escape to safety. The Sun Sentinel reports that the petition on... More »

Nat'l Guard Soldier Gets Death Threats for 'Funeral Fun' Pic

Wisconsin soldier pulled from military funeral duties

(Newser) - A National Guard soldier has been suspended indefinitely from military funeral duties after a picture of her and other soldiers clowning around a training casket surfaced on social media. "We put the FUN in funeral," read the caption on the photo posted on the Instagram account of Spc.... More »

Dead Marine's Dad on Court: A Goat Has More Sense

Westboro ruling insults troops, says Albert Snyder

(Newser) - The father of the dead Marine whose lawsuit was at the center of the Supreme Court's ruling on Westboro Baptist Church's right to protest funerals remains understandably ticked off at the "nut-job church," reports the York Dispatch . “We can no longer bury our dead in this country... More »

Gloating Westboro Vows to Quadruple Protests

Anti-gay extremists hail Supreme Court decision

(Newser) - The Westboro Baptist Church reacted to its Supreme Court victory yesterday with its usual amount of tact and good grace. Gloating leaders of the Kansas-based extremist church vowed to quadruple the number of protests at military funerals now that the court has ruled such demonstrations are protected under the First... More »

Supreme Court: Westboro Protests Protected

Pickets might be 'outrageous,' but covered by 1st Amendment

(Newser) - John Roberts' Supreme Court ruled 8-1 today that the controversial Westboro Baptist Church pickets outside military funerals might be "outrageous," but they're also protected under the First Amendment. The ruling upholds a reversal of a lower court's $5 million award to a dead Marine's father, who sued Westboro... More »

Guy Pepper-Sprays Westboro Group at Funeral

Target was extremist demonstrators: cops

(Newser) - Those appalled by the tactics of the Westboro Baptist Church have a new folk hero: An Omaha man yesterday drove by as the group protested the funeral of a Marine killed in Afghanistan, reached out his window and pepper-sprayed them. George Vogel, 62, faces 16 charges of misdemeanor assault, one... More »

General on Funeral Duty: 'Grief Is the Crushing Load'

Officer reflects on sacrifice, survivors

(Newser) - At every funeral for a soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, an Army officer attends, to represent the service and oversee the military rituals involved. Maj. Gen. William Troy has drawn funeral duty 23 times, and for Memorial Day, he writes in the Washington Post about an always-wrenching experience: "... More »

Soldier Laid to Rest After 4 Years

Thousands pay tribute to Sgt. Matt Maupin in Ohio memorial services

(Newser) - Thousands attended emotional memorial services over the weekend for an Ohio Army reservist whose remains made the journey home 4 years after he was captured in Iraq. Ten thousand filed past Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin's casket, and 3,000 attended a ceremony at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati yesterday,... More »

Army Cadet Found After 66 Years

Crew perished during WWII training flight; military funeral planned

(Newser) - Sixty-six years after his disappearance, a full military funeral is planned for a cadet lost in a flight accident during World War II, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The Army has identified a recently discovered body as Aviation Cadet Ernest Munn of Ohio, who crashed with three other crewmen in... More »

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