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It's Official: BP Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

Judge accepts deal, despite objections from victims' families

(Newser) - Corporations are people, my friend, and that means they can commit manslaughter. After listening to testimony from relatives of the 11 workers killed in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, a federal judge today approved BP's plea deal , allowing the oil giant to plead guilty to manslaughter and other charges, the... More »

Obama Will Take Corporate Cash for Inaugural Parties

It's a 'symbolic reversal' after 2009 festivities: Politico

(Newser) - One way President Obama's second inauguration will differ from his first: This time, he's accepting unlimited corporate funds for parties and receptions, a rep says. He still won't take money from PACs or lobbyists, the New York Times notes, and with the economy in mind, his inaugural... More »

Corporate Cash Won't Ruin American Democracy

Supreme Court's ruling on political spending matters less than thought

(Newser) - Barack Obama and many others would have you believe that the flood of corporate money that was unleashed after the "Citizens United" ruling will drown American democracy. But just how valid is all their moaning? Not very, writes the Economist in its Lexington column. Though special interests are spending... More »

Manage Like a Marine

Officers outline similarities between Iraq and the office

(Newser) - Marine officers Timothy Saint and Nicholas Smith "learned a lot about leadership and management that we wish someone had told us as boot lieutenants" during their service in Iraq, and most of it applies to young managers in the corporate world. They provide some guidance on Business Insider :
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As Staffers Take Pay Cuts, NYT Execs Get Bonuses

CEO's pay went up $1.5M last year

(Newser) - New York Times Co. executives have taken big bonuses as their newsrooms endure layoffs and pay cuts, a proxy statement filed with the SEC reveals. At the eye of the storm is CEO Janet Robinson, whose compensation in 2008 was more than $1 million greater than her 2007 salary and... More »

His Fundraising Machine Turns to Transition, Inaugural

But watchers holding Obama to transparency

(Newser) - Barack Obama is in fundraising mode again, this time for his transition and inauguration, CNN reports; many hope he will honor his promise to steer clear of special interests and big corporate donors. Though there is almost $10 million in public funds available for transition spending, experts say that’s... More »

Exec: I Was Fired for Not Donating to Mitt

CEO asked employees to give; denies man lost job over refusal

(Newser) - An ex-executive with a Chicago-based consulting group has filed an employment bias complaint, alleging that he was fired in part for his refusal to donate to Mitt Romney’s campaign, the Wall Street Journal reports. The complaint offers a rare glimpse into the machinery of corporate donations. In emails seen... More »

Business Woes? Call a Corporate Psychic

Execs search farther afield for help

(Newser) - More businesses are seeking a new breed of consultant to give them guidance in tough economic times, Newsweek reports: psychics. Blue chip operations across the nation, from tech concerns to corporate law firms, are coughing up big bucks to hire “intuitionists,” with executives hoping their otherworldly expertise will... More »

Office Workers Demand Macs

Apple expects 33% growth thanks to business market

(Newser) - The exclusive club of Mac devotees is quietly expanding from students and artists to the corporate world, BusinessWeek reports. And the change is fueled by workers, not sales calls: In fact, nearly nine in 10 recently surveyed companies admitted that Mac-loving workers are influencing computer buys. And it's contributing to... More »

IBM Launches Social Mapping Biz Tool

'Atlas' analyzes individuals' business statistics, relationships

(Newser) - IBM has released a software tool named 'Atlas' that aims to track and analyze statistical relationships among individuals in a corporate setting, MIT Technology Review reports. Employees are given the opportunity to partake in business-adapted online practices—blogging, social grouping, bookmarking, organizing projects—and Atlas creates a "social graph"... More »

Sprint Nextel: A House Divided

Two years into merger, partners remain wary of each other

(Newser) - The $35 billion merger of long-distance carrier Sprint and wireless innovator Nextel sought to create a company capable of competing with the nation’s largest wireless carriers, Verizon and AT&T. Instead, distinct cultures have warred over everything from ad strategies to executive teams, leaving the company with poor morale,... More »

Dow Closes Down 80.86 on Inflation Scare

Bernanke comment, retail profit warnings contribute to slump

(Newser) - The Dow fell 80.86 points today, closing at 13,595.46 after companies in the retail sector issued warnings of reduced profits and Fed chairman Ben Bernanke commented that inflation risks are still high. "There are a lot of little things out there that are scaring the market,... More »

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