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Romney Gets Secret Service

Which, of course, leads to speculation about his code name

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has officially arrived—at least as far as the Secret Service is concerned. The elite guards have informed the Romney campaign that the candidate will begin receiving Secret Service protection this week, ostensibly in response to the size of the crowds that Romney's now drawing, and not... More »

Perry's Travel, Security Tab Secret Til After 2012

Governor lobbied to seal info in school finance bill

(Newser) - Rick Perry's presidential campaign comes with a large security detail provided by Texas state police, but its costs are going to secret for the next 18 months, thanks to a provision added to a school finance bill, reports the Washington Post . Perry—who was “extremely concerned” to protect... More »

Unprecedented Security Watches Over DC

Record staff, supplies needed to counter crowds, threats

(Newser) - It is an almost unimaginably difficult job: as Washington floods with millions of visitors, the Secret Service has to comb through and pick out all potential sources of danger to the new president. This means, as the London Times reports, a record five tons of bulletproof glass, tens of thousands... More »

Growing Obama Security to Peak at Inauguration

Tuesday's event will present ultimate security challenge

(Newser) - Two years of improving security for Barack Obama will climax at his swearing-in on Tuesday, the Washington Post reports. The president-elect will address the nation from behind a 5-ton bulletproof curtain as more than 23,000 police and National Guard troops stand guard. Road, river, and air traffic will be... More »

Clinton-Obama Race Ups Stakes for Secret Service

Agents deploy to protect two unique candidates

(Newser) - The race for the Democratic nomination is confounding an unlikely group—the Secret Service, which started covering Barack Obama earlier than any previous candidate and has protected Hillary Clinton since Bill's nomination in 1992. And the throngs of passionate supporters—as many as 30,000—at campaign events “definitely... More »

5 Stories