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Clinton's Slap at Keystone Shows Her Primary Fears

Appealing to liberal Dems now may help her in primary, but not in general: 'WaPo'

(Newser) - Take a step back from the general election, but take two steps forward toward the Democratic primary. That seems to be the strategy behind Hillary Clinton's announcement yesterday that she opposed the Keystone XL pipeline , writes Philip Bump for the Washington Post , asserting that Clinton may have purposely timed... More »

Indian Ruling Parties Hold Slim Lead

Neither coalition emerges a majority

(Newser) - India's ruling coalition has edged slightly ahead of the Hindu-nationalist opposition, but both alliances are short of a parliamentary majority, Reuters reports. Exit polls following today's conclusion of the month-long general election indicate both political blocs will need new partners, but the surveys have proved inaccurate in the past. Official... More »

What Obama, Clinton Don't Get

Halperin runs down what the 2 top Dems are underestimating

(Newser) - Mark Halperin runs down what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t counting on the day after the nomination was secured: For Obama:
  • How intensely Clintonites feel about Hillary.
  • Delaying his VP pick will only exacerbate the Obama-Clinton scrutiny.
  • The sensitivity of the former first couple.
  • The intense scrutiny he'll
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Demos to Watch in Pa. Vote

Breaking down the groups that will decide the election

(Newser) - Some of the election season’s most intriguing demographics will be out in force in today’s Pennsylvania primary. The Wall Street Journal breaks down who they are and how they might vote in November.
  • Working-class white males mostly went red in 2006, supporting Republicans by a 14-point margin. Increased
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The Real Reason She Won't Quit

Hillary aims to 'save Dems from themselves'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton stubbornly refuses to drop out because she knows Barack Obama will lose in November—but she won’t come out and say it, write John Harris and Jim Vandehei in Politico. While many believe Clinton is “in kitchen-sink mode,” in fact, she’s holding back from... More »

Clinton-Obama Race Ups Stakes for Secret Service

Agents deploy to protect two unique candidates

(Newser) - The race for the Democratic nomination is confounding an unlikely group—the Secret Service, which started covering Barack Obama earlier than any previous candidate and has protected Hillary Clinton since Bill's nomination in 1992. And the throngs of passionate supporters—as many as 30,000—at campaign events “definitely... More »

6 Stories