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Newspaper Editor Canned After Twitter Kerfuffle

Denis Finley of 'Free Press' said Vt. driver's license change on gender would bring on 'apocalypse'

(Newser) - Denis Finley has taken to Twitter to call Politico a "whore," sniff about David Letterman's upcoming Netflix show featuring Barack Obama, and call for the destruction of all office buildings, but it was his tweets about a potential change to Vermont's driver's licenses that cost... More »

Your Driver's License May Not Work at Airport Security Next Year

The Real ID Act is coming

(Newser) - Traveling by air within the US in 2016? You may need to show more than a driver's license. That's because the feds are threatening to finally enforce a 10-year-old law requiring states to have higher standards when issuing those licenses, the New York Times reports. Called the Real... More »

Georgia Lawmaker: Let's Get Rid of Driver's Licenses

They take away our 'inalienable right' to travel, he says

(Newser) - Driver’s licenses—who needs ‘em? No one, according to a Republican lawmaker in Georgia. State Rep. Bobby Franklin is sponsoring the “Right to Travel Act,” a bill that says everyone has the “constitutional right to travel on the roads and highways”—and that, therefore,... More »

Can Spitzer Hurt Clinton?

Fellow New Yorker's fall from grace is an unwanted distraction, unpleasant reminder

(Newser) - Will the Eliot Spitzer scandal hurt fellow New York Democrat Hillary Clinton, who's all too familiar with the travails of philandering men? Writers are weighing in:
  • Clinton had trouble securing Spitzer's endorsement, writes John Nichols in the Nation, and now, "He is a distraction—the big player in her
... More »

4 Stories