Garrett Reisman

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Yankee Stadium Gets Celestial First Pitch Tomorrow

US astronaut will do honors via video from space station before meeting with rival Sox

(Newser) - The New York Yankees' final season at Yankee Stadium will see another first tomorrow night, the Daily News reports, with a US astronaut throwing out the first pitch—via video link from the International Space Station. Garrett Reisman, a 40-year-old New Jersey native and lifelong fan of the Bronx Bombers,... More »

Shuttle Prepares to Quit Station

Endeavour crew about to zoom home after record mission

(Newser) - The crew of shuttle Endeavour prepared to undock from the International Space Station today after a leisurely Easter Sunday spent off-loading cargo, enjoying a holiday meal, and talking to family back home. The shuttle commander compared the flurry of work to wrap up the record-setting mission to March Madness: "... More »

Shuttle Safe, Mission On

No sign of dings in heat shield after blast-off

(Newser) - The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour is on course to dock with the international space station with apparently no damage to the heat shield during takeoff, the Houston Chronicle reports. Tracking cameras indicated possible debris near the shuttle just after launch that may have struck near the ship's nose.... More »

3 Stories