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Jet Searchers Spot 'Circular,' 'Rectangular' Objects

They could be retrieved as early as today

(Newser) - Are searchers finally closing in on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane? A number of objects were spotted today, after several reports of possible debris spotted over the weekend:
  • An Australian plane saw an "orange rectangular object" and a "gray or green circular object" in the southern Indian Ocean
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Malaysia: France Satellite Images Could Be Debris

On heels of Australia's sighting of a pallet

(Newser) - France today provided Malaysia with satellite images of the latest round of "potential objects" that could be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, this time "in the vicinity of the southern corridor"—thought to be close to areas of the Indian Ocean where Australia and China provided satellite... More »

Australia: We've Spotted Floating Debris

Remains of Malaysian Airlines jet may have been found

(Newser) - This time, it's not a satellite image: An Australian civilian search aircraft has spotted debris that could be from the missing Malaysian Airlines jet, reports Australia's News Network . "Yesterday one of our civilian search aircraft got visuals on a number of objects in a fairly small area... More »

9/11 Debris Not Part of Plane's Landing Gear

It's actually from a portion of the wing

(Newser) - Boeing today expressed its confidence that a piece of aircraft found sandwiched between two Lower Manhattan buildings did indeed come from one of the 9/11 planes, though a rep for the company told the NYPD that Boeing could not determine which one. The 5-foot by 3-foot piece is not part... More »

Washed Up in Washington: Japanese Home?

Kayakers find lumber, household supplies

(Newser) - Kayakers are scouring the coast of Washington state for more debris from Japan's tsunami—and their latest find, on a Makah Indian reservation 120 miles from Seattle, was rather haunting. A collection of nailed-together lumber produced by an Osaka factory, along with a bottle of kerosene with Japanese writing... More »

Tsunami Ghost Ship to Rest in Watery Grave

US Coast Guard to stud vessel's hull with holes this morning

(Newser) - The ghostly Japanese squid-fishing boat that has been drifting its way across the Pacific in the wake of the March 2011 tsunami has been given a fate: It will be sunk. The US Coast Guard plans to use a 25-millimeter cannon to stud the unmanned ship's hull with holes... More »

Tsunami 'Ghost Ship' Spotted Off Coast

Canada monitors squid-fishing boat for marine pollution

(Newser) - Canadian air patrol has spotted an empty Japanese squid-fishing boat drifting across the Pacific and heading for land. Beat-up and likely worthless, the 150-foot ship is part of 20 million tons of tsunami debris floating toward US and Canadian shores—so Canadian authorities may just leave it alone, the Vancouver ... More »

20M Tons of Tsunami Debris Heads for US Shores

Expected to reach Hawaii in early 2013, then mainland in 2014

(Newser) - Debris from the massive tsunami that struck Japan in March is on its way: Up to 20 million tons of trash, like "confetti soup," is slowly drifting across the Pacific Ocean and heading toward the United States, reports the LA Times . Already garbage has been found 2,000... More »

Japan's Big Roadblock: 25M Tons of Debris

Before the nation can fully rebuild, it has years of cleanup ahead

(Newser) - A giant kiln at a cement factory in Japan finally returned to action today and incinerated 10 tons of debris from the March earthquake. Which sounds like a handsome total until you consider that an estimated 25 million tons remain, reports the Wall Street Journal . The nation is now grappling... More »

'Island' of Earthquake Debris Headed for US

Tires, cars, and human remains to wash up in Hawaii, west coast

(Newser) - If oceanographers are right, a veritable island of cars, houses, human remains, and other debris from Japan’s earthquake will soon wash ashore in Hawaii, and from there travel to the west coast of the US. Using computer models developed by tracking buoys across the ocean, researchers at the University... More »

Clearing Haiti Rubble to Take 1K Trucks 1K Days

Impending rains make debris an urgent problem

(Newser) - Six weeks after an earthquake reduced Port-au-Prince to rubble, Haitians face a monumental task: They don't just have to build a new city, they have to get rid of the old one. The collapsed stores, houses, and apartment buildings of the Haitian capital add up to 25 times the debris... More »

Debris Hits Endeavour On Liftoff

NASA says it's likely harmless, will examine shuttle tomorrow

(Newser) - When Endeavour lifted off today, onboard cameras captured pieces of debris falling off the exterior fuel tank and striking the shuttle, the Houston Chronicle reports. NASA officials say it's probably no big deal, and the crew will examine the orbiter with external cameras tomorrow. "That's a normal process for... More »

Brazil Ends Hunt for Flight 447 Victims

(Newser) - Brazil's Navy and Air Force gave up their search for Air France Flight 447 victims today, citing the difficulty of finding bodies and wreckage 25 days after the crash, Reuters reports. "It's already been nine days without seeing any bodies," a Brazilian officer said. French ships will remain,... More »

15 More Bodies Found at Crash Site

Searches also find large amount of aircraft wreckage

(Newser) - Searchers have recovered 15 more bodies from the Air France 447 crash site in the Atlantic, bringing the total to 17. Brazil's military also collected large amounts of the plane's "structural components," officials tell Reuters. "Hundreds of items are being found and being stored until we know... More »

Brazil Recovers 3 More Bodies

Pilots say they've seen even more; ships on the way to retrieve them

(Newser) - Brazil's military has found three more bodies from the Air France crash in the Atlantic today, officials tell the AP, bringing the number of recovered bodies to 5. Search pilots report seeing more on flyovers of the debris field 45 miles from where the jet sent out its last distress... More »

First Air France Bodies Found

(Newser) - The Brazilian Air Force has recovered the first two bodies from the Air France crash, the BBC reports. They also found a suitcase and a backback with a laptop inside. “We confirm the recovery from the water debris and bodies from the Air France plane," an air force... More »

Recovered Debris Not From Air France Crash

Officials say pallet found in crash zone was just 'sea trash'

(Newser) - Brazilian officials say debris they earlier believed was from Air France Flight 447 was actually just "sea trash," the BBC reports. A wooden pallet found 600 miles off Brazil's coast in the area where the jet is thought to have crashed probably came from a ship, and an... More »

First Debris Retrieved From Flight 447

Air France tells families no one survived the crash

(Newser) - As Brazilian crews begin retrieving the first pieces of Air France flight 447, the airline has told families that nobody survived, the AP reports. A helicopter pulled a cargo pallet and two buoys from the Atlantic, 340 miles northeast of Brazil's Fernando de Noronha islands. As theories about the crash... More »

Searchers See More Debris From Air France Crash

Weather alone can't explain crash: aviation analyst

(Newser) - Searchers spotted more wreckage today from Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean earlier this week with 228 people aboard. A team of international aircraft discovered four fields of metallic debris and a 12-mile fuel slick some 220 miles off the Brazilian coast, the Washington Post reports.... More »

Satellite Debris Rains Down on Southwest: FAA

(Newser) - Fireballs streaking across Kentucky, Texas, and New Mexico are likely debris from two satellites that collided last week, reports. Since Friday, residents have been calling police and weather offices reporting loud blasts that FAA officials are attributing to debris entering the atmosphere. The FAA also warned airplane pilots... More »

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