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8 Cyclones Were Swirling at Same Time in Pacific

That hasn't happened in more than 40 years

(Newser) - The northern Pacific Ocean experienced some weather weirdness over the weekend: It had no fewer than eight tropical cyclones swirling simultaneously on Saturday, the first time that's happened since 1974, reports the Weather Channel . For the record, that encompasses tropical storms Fernanda, Greg, Noru, Kulap, and Roke, plus tropical... More »

Shark Found in Middle of Australian Road

It was washed in by Cyclone Debbie

(Newser) - Emergency crews traipsing through the Australian town of Ayr after Cyclone Debbie made landfall came across a rather odd sight Thursday: a shark roadblock. The 5-foot-long bull shark, surrounded by little more than a puddle, had washed up on a road and died, reports the West Australian . And it wasn'... More »

Australia Braces Itself for a 'Monster'

Cyclone Debbie to hit Tuesday morning local time

(Newser) - It's no Little Debbie. Australia is bracing itself for Cyclone Debbie, which is set to make landfall along the coast in Queensland—that's the country's northeastern most state—after 7am local time Tuesday, reports the BBC . That area is 14 hours ahead of EDT, so US storm... More »

Twin Storms Pound Asia

Japan facing 2nd typhoon in a week; at least 6 dead in Indian cyclone

(Newser) - Japan is facing down its second major typhoon in the space of a week, with at least 35 people reported injured as Typhoon Vongfong hit its southern island of Okinawa with heavy rain and winds gusting up to 110mph. The storm was headed next to Kyushu island, where officials have... More »

Walloped By Cyclone, India Dodges Bullet

Mass evacuations translate to very low death toll in massive storm

(Newser) - Cyclone Phailin plowed into India yesterday as the strongest storm in some 14 years, destroying millions of dollars in infrastructure, crops, and homes, but the nation escaped a heavy human toll thanks to aggressive evacuations that affected close to 1 million people, reports Reuters . Various outlets have the death toll... More »

India Faces Massive Cyclone Half the Size ... of India

Cyclone Phailin could do Katrina-level damage

(Newser) - A massive tropical cyclone half the size of India is zeroing in on the country home to more than one billion people. As of today, meteorologists say winds from Cyclone Phailin are clocking in at about 170mph. Those wind speeds would easily make it comparable to a category five hurricane.... More »

As Storm Barrels Toward Gulf Coast, FEMA Recalls Furloughed Workers

Tropical Storm Karen is year's first cyclone

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Karen is barreling toward the US , and that means a return to work for some FEMA employees. The furloughed workers have been called back with the cyclone due to hit the coast between Louisiana and Florida. Thanks to the shutdown, however, some weather satellite images "may not... More »

Huge Dust Storm Rains Down Lightning Australia battles wildfires, high winds, and a cyclone

(Newser) - Australia's heat-and-wildfire devastation produced one set of iconic photos yesterday; here's another. A tug boat worker snapped shots of a massive thunderstorm laden with red dust as it moved out toward the Indian Ocean, The West Australian reports. "We were steaming along in the boat just before... More »

Honeymooning Couple Survives 6 Natural Disasters

Stefan, Erika Svanstrom make it through snow, cyclone, flood, fire, quakes

(Newser) - When Stefan and Erika Svanstrom of Stockholm set out on a four-month-long honeymoon in December, they probably weren't expecting to immediately get stranded in Munich during one of Europe's worst snowstorms. They almost certainly weren't expecting to then survive a cyclone in Cairns, Australia. And it's safe to say they... More »

Monster Cyclone Slams Into Australia

Yasi expected to wreak havoc in Queensland

(Newser) - As the US weathers its latest snowpocalypse, Australia battened down the hatches for what Queensland's premier is calling "the most catastrophic storm to ever hit our coast." "The time for movement and evacuation has now passed," Premier Anna Bligh said as Cyclone Yasi roared into her... More »

Australians Flee as Monster Cyclone Bears Down

Cyclone Yasi set to pummel beleaguered Queensland with force of Katrina

(Newser) - After weeks of flooding earlier this year, Aussies are now fleeing the northeast coast by the thousands as a Katrina-strength cyclone bears down. "This storm is huge and life-threatening," says Queensland's premier. Cyclone Yasi, currently a category four storm, is being fed by a monsoon, and could pummel... More »

Cyclone Kills 90 in Bangladesh, India

Hundreds of thousands flee as Aila lashes Bengal region

(Newser) - At least 90 people were killed when a cyclone ripped into Bangladesh and eastern India yesterday, Reuters reports. Tens of thousands of others lost their homes and crops as Cyclone Aila caused tidal waves and flooding. Troops in both countries are scrambling to rescue marooned people and deliver emergency supplies.... More »

Battered Australia a Preview of Climate Devastation

Country grapples with drought, wildfires, and heat

(Newser) - Pummeled by drought, wildfires, and heat, Australia may be offering the world a preview of what’s to come as the planet warms, experts say. “Australia is the harbinger of change,” says a paleontologist. Many say climate change has already taken a human toll in the 173 killed... More »

Global Warming Makes Storms Worse: Study

Scientists argue whether climate change strengthens hurricanes

(Newser) - Global warming is causing intensifying hurricanes around the world, a new study shows. Scientists analyzed 2,000 “tropical cyclones” occurring from 1980 to 2006 and found that the “strongest storms are getting stronger, especially over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans,” USA Today reports. Warmer water “has... More »

Burma Aid Delays Less Deadly Than Feared

Villagers tough it out through cyclone's aftermath

(Newser) - Delays in getting help to cyclone survivors in Burma's Irrawaddy Delta have not caused the catastrophe initially feared, according to aid workers. Hardy villagers have managed to survive on fish and coconuts, helped by aid from private Burmese citizens and monks, reports the New York Times. Expected massive outbreaks of... More »

Burma Arrests Activist Linked to Cyclone Aid

Dissident comedian Zarganar taken away by secret police

(Newser) - The Burmese junta has arrested a leading activist who led a private aid program for victims of last month's Cyclone Nargis. Zarganar, a top comedian in Burma who was also arrested during September's protests, was taken away by secret police last night, Reuters reports. The junta continues to block aid... More »

Gates: Junta Aid Delays Killed Thousands

Defense Secretary slams 'deaf and dumb' Burmese rulers

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of Burmese have died because of their government's refusal to allow in foreign aid after Cyclone Nargis, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said yesterday. Gates accused the military leaders of being "deaf and dumb" to the plight of their people, Reuters reports. American ships in the region... More »

Burma Rips 'Chocolate Bar' Aid; US Ships Threaten to Sail

Junta rails on stingy pace of int'l donations

(Newser) - Burma's military junta ripped international cyclone relief efforts today, slamming demands for access to the disaster zone and proclaiming "The people from Irrawaddy can survive without chocolate bars donated by foreign countries," Reuters reports. The slam comes a day after a US admiral threatened to yank warships from... More »

Burma Agrees to Accept All Aid

Junta drops opposition to aid workers entering country

(Newser) - Burma has agreed to let international disaster relief workers into the country to help with the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, Bloomberg reports. The junta's about-face came after  UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who flew in yesterday, met the nation's  reclusive military leader, Senior Gen. Than Shwe. The UN hopes to ramp... More »

Burmese Buy Up Black-Market Cyclone Videos

People want 'to see what's happening,' says vendor

(Newser) - Black-market videos of floating bodies, famished survivors, and cyclone-ravaged villages have become best-sellers in Burma, AP reports. The tapes are illegal because the nation's military junta wants to hide the extent of the devastation. "People buy them because they are interested in seeing what happened out there," said... More »

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