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Credit Card Debt Drove McDonnells: Indictment

Gory details from the allegations

(Newser) - Before Bob McDonnell was even in office, he and his wife were looking to then-Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams for gifts, according to the 43-page indictment against the couple. The document reveals that the couple had financial anxieties that may have driven their alleged graft, Politico reports. Weeks before McDonnell'... More »

Bob McDonnell Must Go

His 2016 hopes are dead, and Ruth Marcus thinks his term in Virginia should be, too

(Newser) - Bob McDonnell's response to revelations that he and his family accepted $120,000 in cash from a major donor, the latest in a string of such reports , was "astonishing" writes Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post : McDonnell calmly asserted that he hadn't broken the letter of the... More »

China Blocks NY Times Site for 'Smearing' Leader

Report on Wen Jiabao's wealth angers Beijing

(Newser) - China has blocked the New York Times' website and all searches for "New York Times" on microblogs, accusing it of smearing Wen Jiabao with a story about the immense wealth his family has amassed during his reign as prime minister. A foreign ministry spokesman said the report "blackens... More »

Anna Hazare Ends Hunger Strike

After India's government expresses support for parts of his anti-graft plan

(Newser) - Indian activist Anna Hazare agreed to end his 11-day hunger strike tomorrow morning, after the government announced it was in favor of some of his demands. The AP reports that after a nine-hour debate, Parliament today expressed nonbinding support for the 74-year-old's demands that a proposed anti-graft bill ensure... More »

Nigeria to Charge Dick Cheney With Bribery

Also duly noted: It's election season there

(Newser) - Nigeria plans to charge Dick Cheney in a bribery scandal going back to his days as CEO of Halliburton, BusinessWeek reports. Cheney headed the company from 1995 until he became vice president in 2000, and prosecutors say Halliburton and two other foreign companies funneled $180 million into the pockets of... More »

In Kenya, Clinton Blasts Graft, Corruption

Says government responsibility key to 'economic progress'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton criticized Kenya today for rampant graft and corruption as she made the case that business and trade across Africa cannot grow without good governance and solid democracy. In President Obama's ancestral homeland, the secretary of State said, "True economic progress in Africa will depend on responsible governments... More »

Fatima Bhutto: US Should Cut Pakistan Off

Don't give cash to corrupt government, says Zardari's niece

(Newser) - Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is going to Washington next week to seek billions more to combat terrorism and keep the troubled nation afloat—and the Obama administration should swat away his outstretched hand, says Fatima Bhutto, estranged niece of Zardari's slain wife, Benazir Bhutto. "No amount of money,... More »

Mandela Backs Zuma in S. African Election

Former prez gets roaring approval from rally crowd

(Newser) - Even at 90, Nelson Mandela can still fire up a crowd, which was exactly what South African presidential nominee Jacob Zuma was counting on. The white-haired former president rolled into a stadium of 100,000 African National Congress supporters yesterday and sat on stage during Zuma's rally. Despite corruption scandals,... More »

Inquiry Into Iraqi Graft Expands to Top US Officers

(Newser) - The United States' poor track record on rebuilding Iraq has long been chalked up to lousy planning by Pentagon brass. But an expanding investigation by federal authorities adds another element to the mix: possible corruption by the military commanders who oversaw reconstruction in the Wild West days after the invasion,... More »

Despite Reforms, Russian Firms Most Likely to Bribe

Survey names Belgium, Canada most graft-free nations

(Newser) - Russian and Chinese companies are most likely to mix business with bribes when traveling abroad, a corruption watchdog found, despite promises from their governments to root out graft. Transparency International, which said the kickback trend points to firms from emerging economic powers, cited the practice’s “damaging impact on... More »

Former Thai PM Skips Bail, Flees to UK

Facing graft charges, Thaksin escapes after attending Olympics

(Newser) - Thaksin Shinawatra, the deposed Thai prime minister, has fled with his family to Britain after skipping a hearing on corruption charges, reports the AFP. Thaksin and his wife, who was recently convicted of tax evasion, were both free on bail and had received special permission to travel to China for... More »

Deposed Thai PM Pleads Not Guilty to Graft

Crowds welcome Thaksin back from exile

(Newser) - Former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra pleaded not guilty to graft charges today in a Supreme Court packed with hundreds of his supporters, AFP reports. Thaksin will not have to attend every hearing in his trial; he has already obtained permission to return to Britain, where he owns a soccer team.... More »

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