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Banned Tattoo Artist Fights for Free Speech in Court

'Art gets protection,' says law prof

(Newser) - The owner of a tattoo parlor barred from setting up in a Los Angeles beachfront community is battling the ban in court, arguing it's a violation of free artistic speech. He lost the first round when a federal judge ruled tattooing was "not sufficiently imbued with elements of communication.... More »

Laws of Physics May Need an Overhaul

Scientists detect gravity-defying behavior of spacecrafts

(Newser) - The laws of physics just might be broken. Scientists have detected gravity-defying behavior from spacecrafts flung around the Earth, the Economist reports. Five different spacecrafts picked up speed at a pace deviating,ever so slightly, from the laws created by Newton and Einstein. After laborious calculations, astronomers have created a... More »

2 Stories