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Obama's Pay Czar Meets With Bailed-Out Firms

Must make tricky decision on how much top execs get paid

(Newser) - Kenneth Feinberg has one of the hardest jobs in America: Filling in the amount on the paychecks of top execs at the seven firms that received the biggest government bailouts, the Washington Post reports. Feinberg has the power to set the pay for the 125 most highly paid employees at... More »

Obama Quits School Reform Talk on Trail

Senator may be caving to old guard where he'd been breath of fresh air

(Newser) - Barack Obama has been backing off post-partisan rhetoric on education, looking more like a stick-in-the-mud Democratic regular on schools and less like the reformer who supported test-based accountability and performance pay for teachers. The Chicagoan had bucked teachers' unions and other stodgy liberals, supporting charter schools in Illinois and mentorship... More »

2 Stories