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Quietly, McCain Makes Overtures to Evangelicals

But leaders are skeptical, wounded by Hagee, Parsley slams

(Newser) - John McCain faces a challenge uncommon among GOP presidential candidates: rallying evangelical Christians to vote for him. As the New York Times reports, the McCain campaign is holding meetings with evangelical leaders and blasting them with emails, but many are still taking a wait-and-see approach. And McCain's lack of rapport... More »

Dumping Pastors Is Gamble For McCain

In casting aside Hagee and Ohio's Parsley, Republican stands to alienate evangelicals

(Newser) - By rejecting endorsements from influential pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley, John McCain might have alienated evangelical voters, a key Republican electoral bloc. If they “feel this is an attack on them,” one consultant told the Washingon Post, “even if they don't agree with Parsley and Hagee... More »

Obama Wants Truce Even as McCain Spins Pastors' Ties

McCain says his link to Hagee neither long nor strong as Obama's to Wright

(Newser) - Barack Obama is tweaking John McCain for slinging muck on Rev. Jeremiah Wright on one hand while distancing himself from Rev. John Hagee on the other, the Chicago Tribune reports. “Nobody thinks that McCain believes that stuff," Obama said. "For McCain to then suggest that every single... More »

McCain May Pray For Pastors to Zip It

Hagee not talking, but another high-profile preacher may be in news soon

(Newser) - John McCain may be heading for his own preacher problems, but at least one of his problematic pastors is clamming up for now, Newsweek reports. John Hagee, who called Hurricane Katrina “the judgment of God,” and Catholicism a “false cult system,” recently answered a request for... More »

Mac's Pastor: Make War on Islam

Televangelist calls Allah 'a demon spirit'

(Newser) - The popular televangelist described by John McCain as a "spiritual guide" has called on Christians to "wage war" to destroy the "false religion" of Islam, reports Mother Jones. Apparently, McCain could lead those Christian soldiers, with powerful Ohio megachurch leader Rod Parsley endorsing the candidate as a... More »

5 Stories