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US Doubles Estimated Civilian Airstrike Deaths

Military says 119 killed since 2014 in Iraq and Syria

(Newser) - US Central Command says airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have killed at least 64 civilians during the past year, more than doubling the number of civilian deaths since renewed operations began in 2014, reports the Washington Post . On Wednesday, the Department of Defense released an official statement describing the review... More »

CentCom's Twitter Hacked by Purported ISIS Backers

Hackers warn US soldiers to watch their backs

(Newser) - The US Central Command's Twitter page was ominously hacked today by a group claiming to be allied with ISIS—a particularly bold move, notes Politico , because President Obama was delivering a speech on cybersecurity at the FTC. US officials are confirming the hack and @CentCom is currently suspended; the... More »

Petraeus Gets New Title, Plans Pakistan Visit

Chief of US Central Command headed to region he oversees

(Newser) - Gen. David Petraeus’ first official trip as head of the US military’s Central Command will be to Pakistan, the Tampa Tribune reports. Petraeus was sworn in today at MacDill Air Force base, in Tampa, taking over from Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey. Petraeus’ new responsibilities at Centralcom include planning in... More »

Rumsfeld Dodged Early Iraq Failures: Sanchez

Former general speaks out in new book, describes lies and 'total BS'

(Newser) - Early mistakes in Iraq—and the extent of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's involvement in them—are the subject of a Time excerpt from a book by the former commander of US forces in Iraq, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. Sanchez details an effort by Rumsfeld to get him to agree, on paper,... More »

As Bush Foe, Admiral's Days Were Numbered

What's truly amazing is that he held out as long as he did

(Newser) - It's amazing that Adm. William Fallon held on to his job as long as he did while openly disagreeing with the Bush administration on matters of military strategy, writes John Barry in Newsweek. Fallon's continued insistence that war with Iran is a lousy idea finally led to his resignation yesterday... More »

5 Stories