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Iran to Lash 'Serial Human Rights Abuser'

If he doesn't buy his way out, that is

(Newser) - As a judge, and then prosecutor general in Tehran from 2003 to 2009, Saeed Mortazavi earned a reputation as a "serial human rights abuser" and "butcher of the press" for his role in quieting journalists and political dissenters. Now, he may get a taste of his own medicine.... More »

She Helped Get Him Out of Gitmo; Now She's Marrying Him

'Child soldier' Omar Khadr engaged to human rights activist Muna Abougoush

(Newser) - As Omar Khadr fought for years to be released from Guantanamo Bay, he always had Canadian human rights activist Muna Abougoush in his corner. Abougoush helped put together the Free Omar Khadr website and even visited him when he was eventually moved to a Canadian prison, notes the Guardian . Now... More »

Canadian Beauty Queen in a Battle With Beijing

Anastasia Lin may not be allowed to compete in pageant in China

(Newser) - Anastasia Lin is an actress who believes her outspoken advocacy of human rights in her native China played a big role in her winning bid in May to become Canada's contestant in the Miss World pageant. But then the host country for the global beauty pageant was changed from... More »

Woman Gets Year in Jail for Ripping Up King's Photo

Human rights activist found guilty of 'insulting' Bahrain's King Hamad

(Newser) - The daughter of a well-known Bahraini human rights activist was sentenced Wednesday to a year in jail for delivering the ultimate insult to her country's king: ripping up a picture of him, Reuters reports. Zainab al-Khawaja, 32, lost her appeal on a conviction for tearing up a photo of... More »

Snowden Seeks Asylum in Russia: Report

At least for now, he says in meeting with Human Rights Watch

(Newser) - Edward Snowden will seek political asylum in Russia, at least temporarily, he told human rights groups in a meeting today at Sheremetyevo International Airport. The news comes via New York Times reporter Ellen Barry , who cites a Human Rights Watch researcher at the meeting. Snowden say he's fine with... More »

Chinese Citizens: We Were Jailed in a Holiday Inn

Officials want to silence citizens who are looking to air complaints: activists

(Newser) - Last March, while China's legislature held its 10-day annual meeting in Beijing, five citizens say they were being held against their will in a Holiday Inn near Shanghai, reports CNN . They had come to China's capital as "petitioners" looking to file grievances that had fallen on deaf... More »

US, China in Talks Over Blind Activist: Rights Group

Chen Guangcheng may be hiding in US embassy in Beijing

(Newser) - The US is in "high-level talks" with China over the blind human rights activist who recently fled Chinese authorities , according to a group based in Texas. Chen Guangcheng "is under US protection and high-level talks are currently under way between US and Chinese officials regarding Chen's status,... More »

China Releases Dissident Hu Jia

But human rights activist now faces house arrest

(Newser) - The prominent Chinese human rights activist Hu Jia has been freed from prison, after serving three-and-a-half years for "inciting subversion," reports the BBC . Hu's wife posted the news on Twitter this morning. "We are fine and happy. Need to rest for some time. Thank you everyone,... More »

Amnesty: Gadhafi Opponents Missing

Group cites at least 30 likely detained by retreating Gadhafi forces

(Newser) - Moammar Gadhafi's government has swept up bloggers, journalists, suspected rebel fighters, and even teenage protesters in an organized effort to quash rebellion in Libya, Amnesty International said in a report today. The group said its workers in Libya have documented 30 cases of people who have disappeared in the east,... More »

China Jails Quake Activist

Tan Zuoren sentenced to 5 years on subversion charges

(Newser) - A Chinese activist who blamed shoddy construction for the deaths of thousands of schoolchildren in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake has been sentenced to 5 years in jail for subversion. Tan Zuoren was charged for a document he wrote on the 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square, but supporters believe he was... More »

Chinese Cyberspying Targets Stanford Student's Gmail

Google can't find breach of Tibetan human rights activist's laptop

(Newser) - A Tibetan human rights proponent and Stanford undergrad is the first activist identified as a target of the recent Chinese cyberattack on Google. “That the long arm of Chinese security could reach all the way to my home here at Stanford is something I never would have suspected,”... More »

China Web Attack 'Massive Spy Assault on US'

Hackers targeted defense, tech firms as well as activists

(Newser) - The cyberattacks on human rights activists that sparked Google's threat to quit China were part of a massive spy campaign targeting American financial, defense, and technology firms, according to security experts. The highly sophisticated attacks used email attachments to access the networks of at least 34 firms, including Yahoo and... More »

Chechen Activist Murdered; Prez Eyed

(Newser) - A human rights activist whose probes into abuse by authorities were a constant irritation to authorities has been kidnapped and murdered in Chechnya, the Wall Street Journal reports. Natalya Estemirova was found shot dead along a roadside hours after witnesses saw her being bundled into a car. Chechnya's president, pro-Russia... More »

Obama Meets With Human- Rights Leaders

Under fire for recent moves, holds 'probing' pre-speech discussion

(Newser) - Dogged by criticism over recent decisions, President Obama invited a crew of human-rights and civil-liberties leaders and academics to discuss Guantanamo, tribunals, and transparency ahead of today’s speech on similar themes, the Huffington Post reports. Obama said he was unhappy with Congress’ denial of funds to close Gitmo and... More »

Obama Puts Human Rights on Back Burner, Activists Say

Sometimes confrontation isn't best tactic, administration suggests

(Newser) - Human-rights workers had high hopes for the Obama administration after President Bush’s inconsistent, too-hot-too-cold policies—but so far, the Washington Post reports, activists think President Obama has let rights take a back seat to more pressing concerns. For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said pushing China on human... More »

Iranian Cops Raid Nobel Winner's Office

Prosecutors claim Shirin Ebadi's organization was acting as political party

(Newser) - Iranian police today raided the office of a human rights group led by Nobel prize-winning activist Shirin Ebadi, Reuters reports. The office was hours away from hosting a Human Rights Day celebration when cops shut it down. "We will protest against it," said Ebadi. "It will not... More »

Zimbabwe Activist Kidnapped in Mugabe Crackdown

Human rights activist was gathering abuse testimonials

(Newser) - A prominent Zimbabwe activist collecting evidence of human rights violations by President Robert Mugabe's regime has been kidnapped from her home by 15 armed men claiming to be police officers, reports the Guardian. Jestina Mukoko, director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, was the best-known of 20 activists and dissidents to... More »

Israeli Soldier Shoots Prisoner on Tape

Blindfolded Palestinian demonstrator hit with rubber bullet

(Newser) - An Israeli soldier was arrested today after a human rights group released a tape showing him shooting a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian protester with a rubber bullet, YNetNews reports. The Israeli Defense Force questioned the man shortly after the incident, which was reported by an officer at the scene, but... More »

Chinese School-Collapse Critic Busted as Spy

Activist detained after trying to help bereaved parents

(Newser) - An activist who tried to help bereaved Sichuan parents get answers about why so many schools collapsed in May's earthquake has been arrested, the New York Times reports. Huang Qi was taken away by plainclothes police after posting information about the parents on his website. He has been accused of... More »

Amnesty Again Demands Gitmo Closure

'World leaders are in a state of denial' on human-rights abuses, group charges

(Newser) - The US has “distinguished itself in recent years through defiance of international law,”  says human-rights advocate Amnesty International in its annual reports, released today. The group called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay and other secret detention centers , the New York Times reports, and the prosecution of... More »

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