Carlyle Capital

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Half a Trillion Dollars and Nowhere to Spend It

(Newser) - Seems the titans of Wall Street, and here we mean the private equity buyout shops including Warburg Pincus, Carlyle, TPG, and KKR, have amassed $500 billion to buy companies. Their problem? Not enough to buy and rising prices for what is out there. Plus it's a lot harder to leverage... More »

Stocks Rally After Big Losses

Dow gains for the second straight day

(Newser) - Stocks rallied in the afternoon to recover big early losses, buoyed by a prediction from Standard & Poors that the end was in sight for banks' subprime writedowns. The Dow—at one point down more than 230 points—finished up 35.5 points to close at 12,145.74, MarketWatch... More »

Carlyle Near Collapse After Defaulting on $16B

Big banks put screws to overextended fund

(Newser) - Carlyle Capital announced overnight that it is defaulting on $16.6 billion in debt, and its creditors are likely to take possession of its remaining assets. The latest casualty of the credit catastrophe is a major embarrassment for Carlyle Group, the private equity firm whose executives own 15% of the... More »

3 Stories